My own story

My son developed chronic excema after starting solids as a baby. I went to the doctors and tried their prescription creams and lotions. When I saw one was made of petroleum I thought there has to be a better way.
After researching for months and trying every alternative, I read about Thuja pills to detox some effects of vaccines. After 5 days his excema disappeared. I never looked back.

I used to teach infants in a primary school for 17 years.
I trained for 4 years at the Welsh School of Homeopathy for the main intention of being able to help my family. I am a mother of two sons and my youngest has never ever been to the doctor since I began my journey with homeopathy.

As I started to practice I began to get the biggest buzz out of making people well and realised that this was the next chapter of my life, so I gave up teaching and now run The Little Clinic. I am vaccine damaged myself – chronic pain and allergies since 13 years old. I tried every alternative and only homeopathy helped. The most productive healing came about when I learnt about using the Homeopathic Detox Therapy, it changed my own life and my career. I finally began to make massive changes in my own chronic health story. I was injured by the BCG vaccine and subsequent medicines.
This is why I am so passionate to help those who are vaccine injured.

I understand the frustration of searching for years for a cause of chronic pain, taking numerous prescriptions that do not work, searching in vain for experts and conventional doctors who can offer an end to pain. I have been told that chronic pain is “normal” and “just part of being a woman”.

Well I am here to say that I do not agree with chronic pain, it should not be tolerated and that there is another way to heal.

I aim to be the homeopath that I always wanted for myself. Someone who will keep searching to find the right answer for you, who understands your complicated journey, and as a mother, knows the anguish of trying to sort your child out once and for all. I am easily reached, here to advise, guide and hold your hand while you finally get well.

I get just as excited as my patients when I hear they are recovering. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to walk with you on your path to complete wellness.


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