From my experience of cases, autism can be hereditary or it can come on quite suddenly.

Many parents speak of their children changing their behaviour after a specific vaccine.

Depending on the perceived cause, there are two ways to treat this homeopathically.

If vaccines are thought to be the cause – then you can detox those vaccines with one of my detox programs.

Information linking autism with vaccines is growing rapidly and widely available on the web.

If the cause is known to be hereditary then a single remedy will be given that cover the totality of said symptoms at each session. The gap between sessions are 4-6 weeks.

I ask for a medical timeline of all vaccines, medicines and illnesses that your child had. Then we look at key events and I look at symptoms and begin to make connections.

In some cases just detoxing the childhood vaccine that started the symptoms solves the problem. Sometimes its a series of vaccines, antibiotics ( which can cause OCD, when I detox the antibiotics the OCD can disappear), steroids. Sometimes I have detoxed medicines the mother had at birth and IVF treatment which has caused symptoms to disapppear.
Finally I can do a metals detox if that seems appropriate which means you don’t need to take a lot of supplements and herbs for chelation.

My methods and programs and made with minimum aggravation in mind. No mother wants aggravations on top of dealing with symptoms so I give lots of organ support and take it slowly and gently.

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