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    Free 10 min chat

    An informal chat to discuss your case briefly, and your chance to find out if you want to work with me

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    Detox program initial consultation £100 €130 $145 200AUD 200NZD

    60 mins – Initial consultation for any detox ( except HPV), vaccine injury, autism, PANDAS, ADHD, CFS, anxiety, etc . Includes remedies and postage.

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    HPV vaccine detox initial consultation £125 €160 $175 230AUD 245 NZD

    60 mins – Initial consultation for HPV vaccine detox.

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    Follow up appointments £80 €115 $120 155AUD 165NZD

    30 mins – Scheduled 4-8 weeks apart depending on the case. The number of appointments you will need varies for each case. It is rarely predictable, however if you have had chronic problems for many years you will need at least 2/4 months minimum. Includes remedies and postage.

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    Complex cases initial consultation £150 €190 $205 270AUD 230NZD

    Up to 90 mins. MS, all paralysis and seizures cases ( from vaccines and undiagnosed), increased sensitivity with various allergies. Includes remedies and postage.

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    Complex case follow up £100 €130 $140 185AUD 200NZD

    These will be scheduled every 4/6/8 weeks depending on the case. Includes remedies and postage.

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    Urgent acute appointment £35 $45

    30 mins. These are booked on the day. I prescribe from your kit/ or you order from the pharmacy/ you collect from my clinic.

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    Acute vaccine detox for babies who have to vaccinate £60 €65 $85 110AUD 120NZD

    This is for babies who have reacted to first vaccines, between 2-6 months old, or suffering from acute colic after birth. Also for those who have to vaccinate and want to help protect against side effects. 15-30 minute consultation. I email a prescription and you order from the pharmacy. You then have the remedies to use for the whole infant vaccine schedule. Older babies may need a longer program. Call to find out.

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    Protection for mandatory vaccines ( work related or childhood) £40/$55

    If you have to have vaccines for work eg in health industry or forces, or you have to have child boosters for school then this can help give protection against side effects. We have a short 15 min chat and I send you a prescription to order online. This works best if you take the prescription on the day of the vaccination.

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