Frequently Asked Questions

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You will need an initial consultation to get started and then follow ups every 4/6/8 weeks depending on the severity of the case at the start. Autism cases tend to be every 8 weeks. Add on 2 weeks for shipping internationally.

Homeopathy does not interfere with any medications – it works on a different level.
Homeopathy is based on a “like cures like” basis. It’s natural and a method that is used globally for over 200 years.
I give remedies based on the description of the symptoms. The pills help the body to heal itself so in the end you will not be dependant on pills to be healthy. The remedies aim to heal the symptoms for good.
I use Facebook Messenger video, Facetime, Google hangouts – all free video calls. If you found me on Facebook then likely you can use Messenger. I can show you in two steps how to do this.
If you are in the UK you can call me on the phone.
You don’t need to have many strong symptoms to detox a vaccine. I have detoxed children from their childhood vaccine schedule and it has helped them sleep, and stopped headaches and stomach aches for example.
I recommend all children who have been vaccinated to detox them to strengthen their system for the long-term.
Babies have severe reactions to vaccines. They can be detoxed using a simpler method. You can put the pills in water and give them a teaspoon of water, or crush them between two spoons into a powder. it’s easy to administer. The youngest baby I have detoxed is 2 months old.
The detox program doesn’t get rid of the immunisations. It gets rid of the side effects it causes. They will still be immunised.
Yes I still do treat some for side effects of chemo and radiation, post operative and side effects from hormonal drugs such as Tamoxifen.
I spent over a year working at a cancer centre but I am drawn to working with vaccine injured.
A single vaccine detox takes 2 months. Some people are better after that. Some are weaker and need organ support for a month beforehand. Others may need other vaccines, medicines detoxing afterwards. Each case is individual. You decide how many appointments you would like. 90% of my patients stay with me after the first month as they keep seeing improvements each month.
I will ask you about your symptoms and will ask you about things you may not think are connected to your problem. I will ask about every part of your body, your sleep, diet, and medical history.
It doesn’t matter if you have a name for your pain or not. I will prescribe on the symptoms that you give me. I do not prescribe for the disease. I prescribe for the person as everyone can experience a disease differently anyhow.
If your child cannot speak, is young and restless we can do the consult without them. If your child is able to sit and chat to me for 10 minutes it will help the case because the way they describe their pain and symptoms is helpful to finding the right remedies,
If your child has anxiety about talking to strangers then they can sit off camera and you can relay the answers to me.
However, the girls with HPV injury who talk to me one-to-one without their parents and are fully immersed in the process have recovered faster. Homeopathy deals with mental and emotional symptoms along with physicals, so the sessions can be a little like counselling / therapy sessions for many.
CEASE is just a style of prescribing. It was based on giving one substance ( vaccine, medicine that needs detoxing) at one potency for a few weeks before increasing. If your child showed an aggravation then you would stay at that potency for weeks until the aggravation stopped. Also this method involves one vaccine at a time ( although some CEASE practitioners are now using poly vaccines themselves). This is a very long winded process.
HDT is a method by Ton Jansen which takes CEASE further forward. It uses a potency for 2 weeks and then you increase it. It also uses poly vaccines aswell as single vaccines. It is faster and just as effective.
I use my own method based on HDT but with organ support to minimise aggravations as that is what most parents seem to be anxious about. I also use other constitutional ” personality” remedies to help boost the immune and make the process time effective.
For very complex cases I use my own method which is a bit complex to explain and write out. One day I will write a long blogpost on it.
No. I don’t give prophylaxis. I believe in using homeopathy only if symptoms are there. However, if there is an epidemic of mumps for example I can give a specific remedy that may help give extra protection against it for that immediate situation.
No I am a general homeopath but I specialise in detoxing especially the HPV vaccine and dealing with autism symptoms.
I often end up treating parents and their siblings for their illnesses.
Yes I do. They have proved very useful for many cases. If you wish to have one I can send some details in your first pack.