Detox HPV Vaccine – Gardasil/ Cervarix using my vaccine detox program

I am one of the world’s leading homeopaths detoxing the HPV vaccine.
I have covered almost 200 cases to date in 2017 and am very familiar with the possible side effects that can occur.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an official diagnosis of vaccine injury or if you are currently on medication. If you know the symptoms started after the vaccine then you can use the detox program. They may have started that day or weeks or months later.
Homeopathy works alongside conventional medicine.

I ask for your entire medical history – all the illnesses and medicines that you have had. I look for connections and key events. Often the vaccine is the final straw in a string of events. Sometimes it is isolated.

In all cases the organs need lots of support as they have stopped working efficiently. The liver, kidney, heart, lungs and spleen can all be effected. The way you describe your symptoms will highlight which organs need to be addressed.

I support and feed the organs and then detox the vaccine over 2 months. Sometimes this is all that is needed to bring back the patient to full health.

Other times other medicines need to be detoxed as they are causing problems, for example the Pill which can lead to headaches, period problems, anxiety and fatigue. This is often prescribed after the HPV vaccine has caused menstrual difficulties but actually compounds the problem in the vast majority of cases.

Some have had other boosters alongside the HPV vaccine which need to be detoxed. Antibiotics, steroids, painkillers all can be detoxed and layers of the problem lifted.

What causes a lot of pain is damage to the nerves and this is because heavy metals accumulate in nervous tissue – these don’t drain easily as they don’t produce secretions or excretions so they need repairing. This causes shooting pain, sensitivity, spasms, seizures, scoliosis. This can be helped by feeding the nerves with a nerve mix I have created and detoxing the substances that started the problems.

Each case is individual so I take a case history along with every single physical symptoms from head to toe, and also mental and emotional symptoms and what anxieties each patients has. Every symptoms is monitored for levels of decrease to eradication. That is why each month the program is altered to suit each patient and their individual symptoms.

Conventional medicine do recognise vaccine damage caused by vaccines however this is very rare.
It is not in their interests to do so.
If there is widespread news of vaccines causing damage there will be a drop in the number of people consenting.
It does not cause damage in all people, so this is hard to prove.

In the UK if you can prove disability from vaccines the govenment pay out a lump sum of £120,000. Click for details of eligibility.
In 2014, The Swine Flu vaccine caused brain damage in 60 people leading to a £60 million payout in the UK.
There is no conclusive reason yet.
I am seeing a pattern in many of my patients who were very ill as a baby/child and had their liver or kidneys affected.
Also many received a long course of antibiotics or strong medicines when young.
For some it is just a weakening of the immune system with a increased number of vaccines being given every few years- the effect is compounded.
Some people have none of the above and the reason is unknown.
This is my personal conclusion based on the cases I have taken.

Vaccines are here to stay in my lifetime, whether I agree with them or not.
I believe in transparency of information given to parents and adults to make an informed decision about having a vaccine.
I would like to see a list created of certain medical histories/illnesses people have which make it more risky to have vaccines instead of a blanket scheme.
There needs to be more open discussion.
No medical vaccines, or medications should be made mandatory when there are compensation schemes specifically for vaccine injury.
No, a homeopathic detox therapy program is not the same as vibrational drops.
Homeopaths do not use a machine. They take your case and diagnose and prescribe based on the symptoms that you give as doctors have done for hundreds of years.
I think that working with alternative practitioners at the same time such as acupuncture, reiki, reflexology is excellent.
Working at the same time as another homeopath is not possible. You can see another homeopath before or afterwards.
This will prevent confusion as both homeopaths will not be able to work out what remedies are working, and some remedies are not complementary to each other.
If they were given on the same day then they can be detoxed at the same time. If a vaccine was given a few months before, then that can be detoxed afterwards in reverse order.
These are not vital and will not affect my case taking.
If you have already had tests done then you can email me the results.
If you are having periodic blood tests then we can use them to monitor progress.

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This was made to share the common side effects from the vaccine and introduce homeopathy as a solution

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