I have texts coming in all the time from parents saying how their children are progressing.
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Below is a snapshot of what I do…

My son is 3 years old (4 in August) and on the autism spectrum. He uses and understands a few words, but does not understand conversation and is considered nonverbal.
We are currently in our 4th week of Rita’s vaccine detox. Let me start off by saying I know very little about homeopathy and was extremely skeptical as well as nervous. Worried that it could make things worse or that he may regress. We have been doing some biomedical for almost a year now…have seen improvements but we have plateaued the past couple months.
The second week into the detox we noticed he was trying to initiate contact with others more…especially his baby brother. Almost like he didn’t really “see” him most of the time but during that week he started looking right at him with a smile and hugging him. Took my sister by the hand in a public place and was very expressively trying to have a little conversation with her (babbling).
During the 3rd week we noticed an increase in speech and it’s gotten even better during this 4th week. He is saying and understanding more words…he was only saying the first or last syllable of certain words and now he is saying the whole word “cookie” instead of “kie” and “bubble” instead of “bu.” Pretty sure he told me “go away” today! Lol He has also really been using his words when he wants something without us having to prompt.
My husband and I just keep looking at each other in amazement as we watch and hear these changes. He still has a long way to go but we could not be more pleased with his progress at this point!
I am so thankful to have heard about Rita from a friend who has also experienced some amazing progress with her child. Thank you Rita Kara Robinson for all you do to help our children!
My heart has been bursting with joy left and right these past few weeks and I couldn’t be more grateful! ❤️
– Kelly Scarberry, USA
Hi All, ( Taken from Facebook)
I don’t post a lot in this group and have only been working with Rita for a short time.
My daughter was injured in 2008 by the HPV Vaccine. Luka is now 26 for 9 years we had been on the merry go round with tests and doctors all referring it was in her head. Never did she get validation that at least she had something that was real. Not until early this year, I had not even heard of vaccine injury.
With the last approx 2 years her health was really much worse and six months ago she pretty well hit rock bottom. Suffering 33 symptoms in all worse being chronic 24/7 pain in all her body and the extreme fatigue. No social life, a few hours out at lunch would render her bed ridden for about 3 days. During all this she graduated with honors in nursing and is now a RN2 in the emergency dept in one of the largest hospitals in Australia. Which was her goal.
In the last six months she has had to cut back her hours in half and I have moved in to enable her to continue with her career. So i started researching and boy what Iv seen and heard is frightening. Thru various groups was were I was going to find The Miracle that would cure my daughter and give her, her life back. Researching led me to Rita. Luka started her first detox only a couple of weeks ago. Today she was swimming in the ocean. This to me is the miracle. A peek into the future I hope.All I can say is keep them little white pills coming. And I want to say that this is so so affordable with Rita. To be handed hope to me was worth everything I had. So I hope other mums and dads can be given hope from this post. Its a crime that has injured and killed our daughters, but that’s another story. We can cure them ourselves with the help of amazing people like Rita. A thousand Thankyous Rita.
Pam, Australia
My daughter has severe autism, over the past 8 weeks she’s been under the homeopathic care of Rita Kara Robinson , all I can say at this moment in time is WOW!
We had an extremely difficult time with my daughter, refusing to participate in anything, being very challenging when coaxed and basically just wanting to sleep all the time , seeming very depressed. I can honestly say what I’m seeing now is , her bowels are working almost normal, she hasn’t slept in the day for weeks, she is smiling more and laughing. We’re doing the steroid detox now, next the vaccine detox, can’t wait for this it’s been the weight on my shoulders for 20 years. I’d like to say Thank you Rita 💐 . Still got a long way to go but I’m liking what I see.
Tracey, UK
From Facebook: I wrote a post maybe a month ago about the gains we were seeing with our 3 year old son on the vaccine detox. We finished that and are on day 6 of an antibiotics detox. I am amazed at what we have been seeing these past 6 days. We are having even more language breakthroughs, starting on day 1. He is really using the words he has and gaining new ones. Starting to pronounce his “l’s”. Saying “hello” instead of just “hi.” Bringing me to the TV, pointing and saying “Arlo!” so I put on The Good Dinosaur. Saying his baby brother’s name. Starting to say 2 word sentences on his own, without prompting. He kept repeating a 3 word sentence last night but we couldn’t understand what he was trying to say. But he kept repeating it, he is trying so hard. I see my child changing and growing. He knows we are making more connections, I see it in his eyes. These detoxes work! I really felt that antibiotics played a role in my son’s autism. We still have 7 more weeks to go with this detox and I can’t wait to see where we are then. Thank you so much Rita Kara Robinson for the work you do, this is just amazing!! I know we wouldn’t be where we are if we hadn’t done these, you are a miracle worker!
Kelly, USA
Rita gave me so much hope when I thought everything was looking downwards for my daughter. My daughter had a huge list of symptoms which started to disappear or decrease after being on Rita’s programme. After medical specialists and testing could find nothing ‘wrong’ with my daughter I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully I was put on to Rita by another HPV mum. Being on her programme has saved my daughters livelihood. Just when we thought things were hopeless. My daughter is back playing top level sport, she is doing well at school and her spirit is back. Thank you Rita
Nikki, NZ
Rita, we have a few weeks left of the detox for Elliot and I am amazed every day at the difference it has made! Before detox he made hardly any eye contact, didn’t respond to his name, was constantly on the go, and didn’t talk at all. He would sit through one book as I read to him but not any other books. Today as we are more then halfway through the detox, he is making a LOT more eye contact, looks at me and responds when I call his name, has calmed down TREMENDOUSLY, and will sit through just about any book we read! He is repeating more words and ASKING ME for things, and following instructions at his gymnastics class I just signed him up for!! He will most likely need some speech therapy as he is developing these skills later in life, but other then that he’s on the road to full recovery!! I have been an emotional wreck as I watch him improve every single day!! I can’t thank you enough for what you are doing for my son and so many other vaccine damaged kids out there!! – Stephanie S, USA
After my son received his second DTaP at his 6 month wellness appointment he became nonverbal.
For months I didn’t want to believe that something was wrong. When he was 13 months old I stumbled across Rita’s page on Facebook and began the process.
Rita was able to squeeze us in and got us started quickly!
Within 24hrs of his very first constitutional remedy dose he had complete improvement with his digestive system, began saying his ba ba ba’s and had an overall mood increase. (I can only describe it as the fog was lifted from his brain).
After the vaccine detox completion he has more verbal sounds, has begun standing and walking with assistance AND has four top teeth about to break through!
Rita was so kind, responsive and available to me during every step. She is our angel.
Andrea, USA
Rita – I have never been exposed to homeopath treatments before. I had been researching Keira’s medical issues and I stumbled upon you.
I contacted you out of a desperation to try almost anything to help my daughter. From the start you listened, asked questions, and showed true concern for what my daughter was going through.
I did research on what you wanted my daughter start up on to build up her system and even tried them on myself to make sure all was good.
When the first batch of medicine came to our house and I saw all these white little pills that all looked the same I was worried. It was a leap of faith for me to believe that these were not sugar pills. I was desperate and willing to put my faith in the process. I am glad we did because my daughter is back to a healthy thriving young lady. You dealt with everything we brought to you – headaches, stomach cramping, seizures, and FND issues. I know she will still have issues in the future, but she is healthy right now. That gives us hope that no matter what issues come up due to the vaccine injury we have someone we are 100% confident in that will be able to treat the issue at hand. No words can express how grateful I am that we found you. You are the life line we needed – Thank you – Donica
I am unable to express my gratitude to Rita ..My daughter was so sick from Gardasil Hep A/B. She literally was 70% improved within weeks of using this protocol. I don’t know nor care what’s in there…it brought my child back And I’m sold out to homeopathy and our darling, loving, compassionate Rita.
Georgia, USA
Where do I start. I cannot thank you enough for helping my daughter Jade regain her health after being injured by the HPV vaccine. I first found Rita on you tube. Rita had done a podcast about recovery after vaccine injury. Her soothing voice and knowledge of the pain my daughter was experiencing for the first time gave me hope. I listened to her one lunchtime, emailed her at 5pm after work and within 2 hours we were talking on the telephone. That is the type of care that you will get from Rita. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first but desperate to help my daughter. Jade had at the beginning of Jan this year rib pain, migraines, dizziness, dislike of bright light (or any light for that matter) constant nauseaness, stomach ache, inability to eat food due to the sickness, extreme tiredness, sullen complexion, heart racing at times. By the end of January she had been to hospital twce! She was very very poorly and spent most of her time in bed
Rita took a Skype consultation with us and a few days later her “medicine” came through the post. Within 2 weeks the pain diminished, within a month the pains lessened even more. Little by little she regained her health and throughout (even over weekends and evenine Rita kept in touch. She really cares and her bedside manner is wonderful. Rita you have made a convert. The proof of the pudding has been in the eating and thanks to you Jade is well again and almost back to her former self. So much so that this past weekend she has been able to enjoy a theme park again. Thank you so much for all you have done for us. DD, UK
My daughter Hannah is 16 years old and has been unwell for over 2 years after the cervarix vaccine like many girls she has had every investigation under the sun without coming up with a diagnosis she has a host of symptoms and eventually ended up under the care of a cardiologist.
He inserted an implantable loop recorder to diagnose her cardiac symptoms, she had nausea vomiting fatigue freezing cold hands and feet no appetite tachycardia foggy brain extreme dizziness and went from being extremely sporty to a child who needed to use a wheelchair terrible sleep disturbances and awful anxiety.
She was put on midodrine sodium and eventually ivabradine but all her symptoms persisted. After joining the mums group I noticed that the homeopathic route was working for some of the girls.
Eventually after 20 months of conventional medicine we decided to give it a go. Initially we tried a homeopath but unfortunately it actually made Hannah worse.
However several mums told me about Rita Kara Robinson who had helped girls the initial homeopath had failed with we are now 2 months in on a very slow low dose homeopathic detox and Hannah has never looked back her nausea and vomiting is gone her anxiety is so much better she is talking and has lots more energy she asks for food. Her dizziness is less and she no longer uses her wheelchair which is fantastic. Her sleep has improved immensely and her foggy brain is slowly getting better. At no point has it made Hannah feel worse.
Rita is amazing we have just increased her homeopathic medicine again but still tiny doses and the improvement is amazing. Hannah still have a way to go but it’s definitely all going in the right direction thanks to the wonderful Rita x

( After 2 months of treatment.)

Before starting treatment with Rita, I was not doing well, I always felt, sick, fatigued, and was in a lot of pain, especially nerve pain. I’ve been doing this for almost ten years and I was very tired of having to live with constant pain and sickness.

I am so grateful that myself and my family stayed the course and never gave up! I have had more progress in the last three months than I have had in the last 4 to 5 years! By combining the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS) by Annie Hopper with Rita’s homeopathy program and working on forgiveness through the help of Young Living Oils, I now no longer have nerve pain, my spine is completely straight after two years of spinal curvature and tight muscles in my back, the fatigue I had is non existent, I have lost a ton of inflammation, and am now able to eat a couple of foods that I used to react to. I expect much more positive progress in the coming months.

I’m so thankful to have found Rita! Her tailored homeopathic protocols have done more to heal my body than any other homeopathic protocol I have been on. I appreciate how in tune she is to the body and how to toe that delicate line of detox.

Recovery really is possible! Keep a positive outlook, have a healthy diet, focus on your progress, and don’t become attached to this injury as being a part of the rest of your life. This doesn’t have to be your story.

Stay the course and NEVER give up! – Sara, USA

My 14 year old daughter Brooke started seeing Rita 6 weeks ago for treatment of vaccine injury to the HPV vaccine, Gardasil. We are in the states, so we communicate via FB messenger, which is perfect! We’ve seen a DRASTIC turn around in Brooke since starting up with Rita. She doesn’t focus on all of the many “diagnoses” that we’ve had, but focuses on and treats Brooke’s symptoms. Brooke connected with her immediately, and really looks forward to our chats with Rita.

Brooke’s been sick for 2.5 years now, and has seen several MD’s, Functional Doctors, and Naturopath Doctors, with a handful of diagnoses thrown her way. Rita is the first health care provider to REALLY make a substantial breakthrough in Brooke’s health.

Brooke returned to school this week after being out for the last 3.5 months. She’s not taking the handfuls of supplements she was taking throughout each day. She’s not getting weekly IV’s. This is due to Rita’s homeopathic remedy intervention. We can’t recommend her highly enough!!

I am blown away. We started a detox program from Rita Kara Robinson a week ago. The difference we have seen is remarkable. Functioning, calling friends, energy improved, thought clarity improved. Thank you Rita we are so grateful to you!! And can’t wait to see how she will be after the whole process.
My boys are 13 and both have autism and Rita’s help has reduced many concerns,less aggression,less stims, increased speech and fluency, increased eye contact, better empathy, and made the entire process of helping my boys even more rewarding because of a closer relationship with them. It is very rewarding to have them look in my eyes while I talk to them and increased conversation and attention. Lisa, USA
Rita has helped my 5 year old little boy with autism so much! Eye contact way better…. he’s playing with his brother now….. he’s talking so much more! And able to tell me things he needs more…. he even called me momma three times on his own…..and peed in the potty all by himself without being prompted . Thank you Rita Kara Robinson. I’m so glad we have found you to help us on our journey! Ida, USA
As a Mum of a child on the spectrum and a client of Rita’s I can say that even tho I was incredibly sceptical in the beginning I am a convert now. Since starting with Rita my child has made significant gains, is she neuro typical ? No and probably won’t be but she is now happier, healthier and calmer which makes her life all the better and hopefully her ability to learn … I never started out to fix her or to change her but to provide her with a better quality of life . I have found homeopathy in the whole eye opening and useful not just thru Rita’s help but the use of homeopathy in general . Any parents out there thinking about it I would say if you are able to give it a try success is not guaranteed but it it does help. T, UK
Rita provided us a detox program about 2 months after our daughter took a very large dose of LSD and was still in a bad way both mentally and emotionally.
It was very interesting to see with the first dose that she seemed to manifest some of the original symptoms (though not as strongly). With each successive dose we noticed an improvement and with the last dose there was a really marked improvement in both her mood and ability to function. We are so grateful for the changes. Thanks Rita.
I came to Rita after my 4 month old daughter began having facial episodes following her 4 month vaccinations. Rita was very thorough in learning about my daughter’s history and putting together a personalized treatment plan for her. It was clear throughout the process that Rita truly cared about my baby’s well-being and helped me achieve our goals. After only one week, I saw positive changes in my daughter and her facial episodes have stopped completely. I will definitely continue to work with her in the future and highly recommend her services.
Rita has been a lifesaver for my family. She has helped our son tremendously. Before we met Rita, my 5 year old was suffering with anxiety and OCD. It was so bad to the point it was affecting our family life. We couldn’t even get out of the house as it was causing him a lot of suffering. She was extremely supportive and patient from day one, as our journey was quite difficult. She recommended detox from medication and vaccines and this has brought up lots of old issues to the surface. It took a while to see him get better but the results are amazing. He is a different boy now, enjoying his childhood. Our son loves Rita. He enjoys talking to her every time and he tells everyone about her and how much she has helped. It is a pleasure to work with her. She’s always there for us when we need her and that’s so reassuring. We cannot recommend her enough.”
Before the steriod detox I could not run for 2 1/2 years. I can now – I ran a marathon in Madrid!
Thank you Rita for recommending that I do the BCG vaccine detox, since doing this my overall health has improved immensely. Firstly my food intolerance to yeast, dairy, sugar and gluten have all improved; overall my digestive system is now working as it should. My diet is more varied and therefore this has had a knock on effect to everything. I am digesting more nutrients, which has helped my immune system to work better; I no longer feel like I am fighting something all the time and therefore have a lot more energy and those pesky mouth ulcers I was always getting appear to have vanished into thin air!! Anyone who is suffering with ongoing health issues which can’t be explained or can’t be helped by a doctor, should definitely try this detox programme.
Having the TB-vaccine was mandatory although I had asked not to have it. Two-three weeks after the vaccine, I started coughing up mucus, having fever, and chest pain. These symptoms reappeared almost every three months and the doctors just kept giving me antibiotics. This continued for a couple of years and hardly got any better. The doctors were not willing to do anything and so I chose to seek help elsewhere. I had lung symptoms for 2 years.
I took the remedies that Rita had prescribed me for approximately three weeks and my symptoms started disappearing completely! What a blessing!
“I first sought out Rita’s help for my 4 year old daughter, who because of learning difficulties, was distressed by the transition into full time school. Despite my initial reservations about the efficacy of homeopathy, within 2 weeks her teacher had noticed an improvement. Since then Rita has successfully treated my children and me for various conditions including migraine, depression and dermatological conditions. Rita is warm, empathetic and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”
Hi Rita. Just wanted to say that Andrew is doing great. Best he’s felt in 5 years since this whole thing started. Thank you very much for helping my son to eat again! We were losing hope and decided to give homeopathy a try. Wow. I’m just blown away at my sons results and I’m very grateful for your help in figuring out to treat his Liver. You are amazing and I can’t thank you enough. I prayed and prayed for an answer and we found you…An angel here on Earth . – Karrie R, USA
So happy to have made the decision to go and see Rita, she is so friendly , welcoming and listens to you. You get a whole different experience as to the one you get through the NHS. Few years ago I developed a knee problem after exercising for many years. The pain stopped me from doing any exercise and even just to walk up and done stairs was painful and the sound of crunching was horrendous. After seeking physio and having all the scans possible which did not show anything the consultant only had one answer and that was to operate to see what was happening and talked about the worst scenario being pinning the bone . For me this was going to be the very last option as I was told there was only a 50/50 chance the problem would be sorted . Rita has listened to the symptoms and problems I have with the knee and is now giving me ligament, cartilage and bone repair pills to take .Although it will take some time for the repair I have noticed already after a month I am pain free less and less and finding it easier to walk up the stairs .I have also returned back to exercising and although I can’t do everything I used to ,what I can do is not giving me pain for days after. Thank you Rita onwards and upwards to a full recovery.
“Although I was nervous about the idea of alternative therapies, Rita was great and really put me at ease and explained the way she works. It was a really helpful and uplifting experience which helped me find my way.”
“I came to see Rita for a number of little things but mainly for my IBS and menstruation cycle. The doctor was unable to give anything for the IBS or the menstruation that was successful in controlling the problems. Rita listened to my symptoms and was ever so caring and empathetic. I felt totally at ease with her, secure and I trusted her with the information I gave. She prescribed a few different little remedies for the few troubles I had, and I now feel like a different person. What a magical lady Rita is! I cannot thank her enough.”
” I had been recommended by a friend to see Rita. I had been suffering with back pain for many years- I had been to the doctors and there was nothing more they could do after physiotherapy. After seeing Rita a few times it gradually disappeared, and now I am OK after the little remedy she gave me.
I highly recommend her. If anyone has got a problem they should give homeopathy a try. I was a sceptic at first and am amazed at how I feel right now.”
“My son had eczema all over his back and chest. After the first consultation a remedy was given and it immediately gave him relief and within a week his skin cleared up.”
“I had a few problems and I felt that prescription drugs were not the answer. I visited Rita, she was kind, caring, compassionate but more importantly extremely easy to talk to! She looked at everything with extreme detail and came up with a diagnosis. I came away with a feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulder. Thanks Rita.”
“Rita has successfully treated myself and my two children ( 4 and 18 months) with acute and chronic conditions, from fever to PND. She is always professional, gentle, interested in the detail and a good listener. Her approach is to treat the person/family as a whole, and the care she gives to those around her is sensitive and outstanding.
I am a staff nurse and I would definitely recommend her to my patients.”
“I consulted Rita during a time when emotionally and physically I was recovering from a fourth miscarriage. She conducted an in-depth consultation about everything that had happened and I was asked lots of questions about my physical well -being as well as my emotional state which at the time wasn’t great.
Rita then gave me one tiny remedy to take. I wasn’t convinced such a tiny pill would have any impact but it really did. A hormonal skin condition that I had been suffering from cleared and my overall outlook on the future improved. I felt much more positive. I then had an operation and again Rita recommended remedies which I’m certain aided my speedy recovery. Shortly afterwards I fell pregnant for the fifth time and am now the very proud mother of a beautiful baby boy. I also consulted Rita throughout my pregnancy and over the phone during my labour. All she recommended really helped me through.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services and will most definitely continue to do myself in the future.”
“I visited Rita after suffering from backache/ sciatica in late pregnancy (36 weeks). It had started 2 days previously when the baby started to engage and I was finding walking, driving and sitting painful. Rita took a detailed history of the pregnancy, and current symptoms. She was thorough, knowledgeable, caring and very understanding. Within 6 days of different remedies the symptoms had improved greatly, and during this time Rita kept in contact with how I was, and the improvement.
I would highly recommend visiting Rita.”
“I wanted to use something natural for my child’s verruca. After using some drops in a couple of weeks the wart fell off! I was amazed!”
Dear Rita. Once again you have helped me. Had been struggling with the side effects of Letrozole. Not sleeping, no energy, no motivation. A chat with you and taking your homeopathic remedies and I am so much better. Sleeping, motivated and got some energy to enjoy life. I am also convinced that the homeopathic remedies you give me to fight the cancer is helping. Recent scan result. Inoperable tumour has thinned out a bit but more importantly no further spread anywhere. Metastases in spine have not got any worse. So 2 years on from diagnosis and the best results I could wish for. You are an earth angel and I think your skills and your compassion are awesome. Thank you doesn’t cover it xxx Andrea
” As a breast cancer survivor, I battled through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. What I was not prepared for was the lingering after effects of almost debilitating joint pain. After consulting with Rita, and taking the recommended remedies, I found relief. It was nothing short of a miracle that in such a small amount of time, I was able to reclaim the activities that had to be put to the side because of the pain. Rita is knowledgeable and compassionate and is dedicated to her profession. She has given me my life back.”
“It was during one of these visits at the Old Mill that I was offered Homeopathy treatment and was introduced to Rita who I refer to as my ‘Angel’.

Rita my Angel, was so easy to talk to, I could, and did tell her my innermost secrets. She was so understanding and genuine it felt like talking to a very true dear friend. As I remember, at our first meeting I was really struggling to accept that I had Cancer and also party due to my hair loss, I had low self-esteem and I had lost my self confidence. Thankfully Rita was there with her ‘Magic Medicine’, support and encouragement, she really was my Saving Angel!!

Rita gave me treatments that really did help with the side effects of chemo and prior to surgery ensured that I was prepared both physically and mentally for the trauma of the operation. The operation went well and thanks to the lotions that Rita prescribed my scars are healing lovely and are hardly visible. But it’s not just the physical scars that has healed I am now a confident, strong, compassionate, happy lady who is so grateful for being given a ‘second chance’. This would not have been the case if I had not had the support and treatment from Rita and everyone at the Old Mill Foundation.”

“Oh Rita. I can’t begin to express how you have helped me and continue to help me on my cancer journey. Not only with the symptoms and side effects but emotionally as well. “
“Rita has helped me on so many levels, using homeopathic medicine. I thought originally that she could help me with some of the side effects from having chemotherapy and radiotherapy. scar tissue damage and IBS symptoms (from radiotherapy), pins and needles and nerve damage, (from Chemotherapy), also emotional and stress issues relating to my recovery and diagnosis.
From our first appointment together, Rita and I got on really well and I was relaxed enough to discuss many of my emotional thoughts and feelings from the past and present. She gave me remedies to heal and release the past and to let go of the emotional struggles that I had been holding onto, things that had overshadowed my happiness in life. Also remedies to relieve my physical symptoms too.
The remedies helped bring me back to the present moment, and now I do not let things get me down. So much healing has taken place both physically and emotionally, I am so much happier with myself and my life in general . I was very stressed and unhappy leading up to the diagnoses of my illness. I wish I had found homeopathy earlier in my life as it might have helped me stay well and not allow the illness to take over. I would definitely recommend homeopathy at any stage of life, and especially Rita, who has been caring and professional, consistently throughout my treatment. Thank you for everything.”
“Sadly, the medical team said that they could not cure me because of the cancer up under my brain.
Being diagnosed with cancer was the biggest shock of my life but the uncertainty about my future was even worse.
I went through all sorts of emotions imaginable. I met Rita through the Old Mill Cancer foundation I started to attend and she was very caring, thorough, knowledgeable, understanding, patient and polite.
She put me at ease immediately and listened intently to my story before asking a whole host of questions. She explained to me that the questioning was important for her to get the best understanding about my condition and what I was feeling so that she could give the correct remedies to me.
Throughout my treatment for cancer I had chemotherapy and radiotherapy and Rita prescribed these wonderful little white pills which I took without question as I trusted her so much.
I am pleased to say that I was given the all clear in November last year but continue to use Rita’s services as I am still suffering from the extreme effects of the radiotherapy, in particularly in my nose.
She has made herself available to me and has said I can email or text her and I have made use of this service many times.
It is impossible for me to say what cured me as I was trying different alternative and complimentary therapies outside of the NHS, as they said they could not cure me, but I believe that part of my recovery is down to Rita and her homeopathic remedies.
Would I recommend her to other people …YOU BET I WOULD .”
” I felt like I was a drug addict! I just couldn’t walk past the cakes and sweets without buying them. Now I don’t want any of them. I feel so good now.”
“The first day I started your ‘program’ was quite extraordinary for me. I didn’t eat any processed sugar and didn’t even have a snack in the afternoon between lunch and dinner time. This was amazing for me, I have not been able to get through the afternoon for years (since I can remember) without having a snack. I still have a snack sometimes now but some days I don’t, this is an amazing change for me.”
“The sugar craving I had was the worst ever. I became so disappointed in myself. I couldn’t help myself. Now I don’t crave cakes and sweets anymore. I can’t believe that it’s all gone now. Amazing! Just from some tiny pills. Now all my friends want some.”
Just discharged from Rita’s care because I no longer need her!!! Hormones are balanced and hot flashes gone – WITHOUT DRUGS!!! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!
Margaret, USA
From a text ( see my FB group)
“SO much to tell you!!
Merc 1m – he has said, yes, mum, he has been painting ( never before) and he has started feeding the dog treats !!!! Loving this 🙂
Mum- Australia
( From Facebook in my group)
…we have just detoxed Nickel which she tested extremely high and have seen some great gains 😍 Calmer during the day, increased attention span, improved listening skills amongst others…