You really want someone

right now

who is invested in your child's healing

I'm in your corner

Your brain is fried from searching for answers in Facebook support groups at night and that rabbit hole is just getting larger.

You read question after question and then read conflicting answers.

You don't know what to do next and you're kind of feeling desperate right now as you see the days and months fly past.

You've tried supplements, ion baths, chiropractors, methylation, chelation, essential oils, camel's milk, Nemechek, TRS, this and that protocol and you haven't got the money for stem cell therapy.

You feel that you are failing your child.  I get you, hear you and understand you.

I can guide and support and heal you both.

I am Rita Kara Robinson.

Homeopathic Consultant

Vaccine Injury Specialist

Leading global homeopath working internationally via videocall

This is what I deal with


Autism symptoms 

You don't need a diagnosis or any label. Autism is just a name for a bunch of things that you know " just aren't right" about your child.

I deal with speech delay, ASD, ADD, ADHD, PANDAS, PANS. I see infants and people in their 20's on the spectrum. 

Age is not a barrier to healing. 

I detox specific metals and meds.



Gardasil side effects

I am the world's most experienced homeopath in the world dealing with Gardasil and Cervarix side effects.

I have seen about 750 cases like this. I have dealt with patients in wheelchairs and I have an amazing track record for scoliosis recovery.

I am well versed in the common and also rare complications of this type of injury.


General health issues

After healing many children, I tend to see their siblings, parents, and grandparents for common issues.

I always say when the mother heals, the child heals. I see mothers for anxiety and low energy levels to help them cope with the frustration of trying to heal their children.

When the mother heals there tends to be a big shift in their child's progress. 

Whatever it is that you are doing… PLEASE keep doing it ! We are seeing such amazing things from Finn!
Audrey, (Finn's teacher), to his mother after school

What if you could take a break from trying to heal your child and let someone else take over the reins?

You want something that is as individual as your child.

A natural yet effective program. Remedies chosen according to your little darling's needs, age and sensitivity.

Something that is delicious and easy to take - tiny sugary fairy like pills. No need to get up in the night to dose.

Let someone else do all the thinking for you, give yourself a break from all the pressure, because I know you are doing this all on your own.

Talk every 2 months. You don't even have to order anything - we take care of that for you. All included!

Let's make life a little easier for you, because I know, you need all the support you can get.

I know this works, because it's worked for me and my family.

I am dedicated to treating your child as if they were my own. I am determined to heal them as fully as possible, and as quick as possible.

If I can't help you, I will be honest and tell you straight. I'm in this for the joy too. There's no joy if we don't fit together.

The numbers you ask for

Over 2500 patients detoxing vaccines, antibiotics, metals, labour meds, contraceptives, Lupron, steroids, etc.

Over 750 Gardasil patients seen.

95% success rate in healing some symptoms in the first session. I know you have a long list for me.

It’s truly official, my boy had graduated from his IEP. It’s been quite the journey. Thank you Rita, everyone saw him as quirky and you saw past that. We are forever in grateful 
-Paula, USA


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