I'm Rita Kara Robinson

I am a leading global homeopath working internationally via videocall with special focus on Autism, Vaccine Injury, Eczema, Asthma and Allergies.

If you feel that you are failing your child. I get you, hear you and understand you. I can guide, support and help with healing.

If you really want someone right now who is equally invested in your child’s healing, I’m in your corner.

Are you tired and frustrated looking for the help you and your family needs?

Does any of this sound familiar?

This is what I specialise in

Child with autism

Autism symptoms

You don’t need a diagnosis or any label. Autism is a broad umbrella term. No two autistic children I see are identical. 

I deal with speech delay, ASD, ADD, ADHD, PANDAS, PANS. I see infants and people in their 20’s on the spectrum.

Vaccine side effects

We help with Covid, Gardasil and childhood vaccine issues. The side effects people are experiencing are very varied. We look at your body as a whole and not as separate parts. This means that we can heal a handful of symptoms at a time, because we clearly see the connections in the body.

Allergies, Eczema & Asthma

We heal asthma in 1-3 sessions on average. Your child can heal asthma and ditch those puffers for good.

Eczema and allergies are linked to the gut, liver and hormones which is why no creams will ever heal eczema for good and why anti-histamines will never cure allergies.

Thyroid problems

We help women to heal and recover from a wide variety of thyroid problems including Hashimotos.


We help mothers to get back more energy to cope with their daily lives.

OCD symptoms

OCD has hormonal links. We view OCD in the body as. a whole and not just at the mental symptoms.


We have an excellent track record of helping people reduce and also clear their OCD symptoms.



I always say when the mother heals, the child heals. I see mothers for anxiety and low energy levels to help them cope with the frustration of trying to heal their children. We can help heal painful birth trauma issues.

Children are sensitive and pick up on their mother’s “stuff”.

When the mother heals there tends to be a big shift in their child’s progress.


Whatever it is that you are doing… PLEASE keep doing it ! We are seeing such amazing things from Finn !

Take a break from trying to heal your child and let someone else take over the reins

Make life easier. Get the support you need.

I know this works, because it’s worked for me and my family.

I am dedicated to treating your child as if they were my own. I am determined to heal them as fully as possible, and as quick as possible.

If I can’t help you, I will be honest and tell you straight. I’m in this for the joy too. There’s no joy if we don’t fit together.


It’s truly official, my boy had graduated from his IEP. It’s been quite the journey. Thank you Rita, everyone saw him as quirky and you saw past that. We are forever in grateful xxx

I've helped 1000's of people like you

Over 2000 patients detoxing vaccines, antibiotics, metals, labour meds, contraceptives, Lupron, steroids, etc.

Over 750 Gardasil patients seen.

95% success rate in healing some symptoms in the first session. I know you have a long list for me.


Lauren’s story

This is the powerful and positive story of a 4.5 year old American boy called Grayson, and after 4 detox programs, people were saying to

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HPV- Gardasil and Cervarix Injury New Criteria Guidelines

If you are a Gardasil injured person looking to book in, please read this new criteria first.

As we are the most experienced homeopathic team dealing with this type of case, we have decided to only take on clients who fit the new criteria below. If you do not fit the criteria below then homeopathy can still work for you, but we are not the right therapists for you.

1. The patient has to be committed to healing themselves and understand that they are fully responsible for their health.


That the patient doesn’t rely on us and the pills to do all the work. To understand that their lifestyle choices will speed up or impair recovery and that no medicine can be a substitute for lifestyle choices that hinder recovery. At the end of the day, we are all responsible for ourselves, and the choices we make.

2. To begin working with us the patient has to have in place or commit to having a clean sleep routine.

This means going to sleep with the lights out by 10 pm the latest and being on no devices an hour beforehand. All of our patients have adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues. When you go to bed late or are on devices late, then too much light is being emitted from phones/tablets a few inches from your eyes. That amount of bright light signals the body to make more adrenaline because it thinks it’s in the afternoon and that then creates more cortisol that prevents sleep and makes you tired in the morning. Melatonin and pineal levels are messed up too. Our patients have severely imbalanced hormones, and melatonin, the pineal gland, adrenals and the thyroid all need to be in balance to recover. If your sleep cycle is out, you don’t need pills to correct it – you just need to get a clean sleep routine and your body will get into balance in a couple of days. What you do when you are recovered is up to you – but if you want to work with us, this is a non-negotiable requirement.

3. You are not on the contraceptive pill or are on steroid inhalers.

These are synthetic hormones and are a big block to curing. When someone is on these, we can’t really get started as they are contributing to the hormones being unbalanced. We can work with you if you intend to come off the pill before your prescription starts or if you intend to come off inhalers before we start detoxing. We cannot start detoxing or bring you to a full recovery unless these 2 medicines are out of the picture. We can help with period pain, and asthma anyway in the prescriptions. If you are fully reliant on these medicines then we are not the therapists for you.

4. You have a good diet and eat vegetables.

What you eat affects your health. A lot of the imbalance in the body centres in the stomach. This doesn’t mean you have stomach pains – but your microbiome is key to healing. We are looking for patients who eat some vegetables and fruits. We cannot work with patients who just eat processed food and no fruits and vegetables at all. We can work with patients who have a limited diet but are committed to eating a wider variety of healthy foods. If you don’t meet this criteria it will take too long to help you fully recover and we will only get halfway.

5. If you are on prescribed medicines it is your wish and intention to get off them.

Some patients want to stay on medication while asking us to fully heal them. All medicines come with side effects, which we can’t heal while the patient is on them, therefore we are being asked to do an impossible task. Of course, we see many patients on meds and they end up reducing their dosage and not needing them. They actively don’t want to be on them. If you are happy with any medicines and want to stay on them, then we are not the therapists for you. We are interested in working with people who want to be fully and holistically well, and only then can we work to the best of our ability.


If you fulfil this criteria then we are confident that we can heal the majority of patients in 1-3 sessions.