Nappy rash?


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There are many causes of nappy rash and thankfully several natural solutions. 

My own babies suffered dreadfully with nappy rash for months. My eldest was told by a dermatologist at the hospital that “it was normal for breastfed babies to have such a bad rash….and just accept it!” I was advised to put vaseline on it by a GP which made it worse. I tried all the creams, different modes of washing, different nappies and in the end I changed his bum every half hour/hour to ensure he was dry with cloth nappies. My son had it so bad he had cuts that would take ages to heal and I used to cut open Vitamin e capsules and put them on to speed healing. I used different washing powders, Chamomile tea bags, breast milk, every single tip that I could find on the internet for about 3 months.

Then I saw a new locum doctor who said he had thrush!! I gave Canesten for a few days and it disappeared.

My second baby had the same problem,

Canesten treats the symptoms and not the cause, it kept returning.

This time I went to my homeopath…after 1 remedy…in 2 days it was gone!

Since that time I have qualified as a homeopath and now treat other babies with nappy rash and can really empathise with their anxiety and worry over their peachy bums!

So here I am to promote another natural solution to add to those you have heard of

Try homeopathy:

If they have a red round demarcated area around their anus then Medorrhinum 12c should do the trick.

The most common remedy I give is Natrum Carbonicum 12c especially if they have thrush. This clears in a few hours. A dream remedy, mothers love this one.

If the child is teething Kreosotum 12c will help the burning.

Try and refrain from wet wipes and use Calendula soap which is soothing and helps to repair skin, or Grapefruit Seed Extract drops as a natural antiseptic in water and cotton cloths.

If they definitely have thrush, Canesten will help to repair it for today but will not get to the root cause so Candida albicans 12c will heal it from within.

Other thrush remedies are:
Borax 12c – if they are sleepless and cries when they are put down
Sepia 12c – if they are constipated and their arms and legs are cold
Mercurius 12c -if they dribble a lot and they are restless.

All remedies are perfect for babies – no side effects, tastes nice and works effectively if chosen correctly. Yummy!