The Pill, Breast Cancer and Tamoxifen

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tamoxifen side effects

Yep these are also common side effects from Tamoxifen too. No wonder really as the Pill and Tamoxifen play about with hormones.

Drug companies have created a male pill. A recent Guardian newspaper article reported that “ In a study of attitudes to a male pill by men and women, both sexes were positive – though, unsurprisingly, women were more enthusiastic than men.”  WHY????

(This isn’t going to turn into an anti-men blogpost, I love my husband and have 2 sons… I love these guys and their friends!!)

Why are women so eager to mess with their important hormones, put up with severe side effects, put their bodies at risk?

Are you? Why?

So many side effects appear months/years after taking the Pill, so very few women make the connection, eg headaches, nausea, anxiety, depression, IBS, Yet when they come off the pill, or I treat the patients using a homeopathic Pill detox program, their side effects disappear.


There are many trials to say that the risk of cancer increases with use of the contraceptive pill and there are trials to say the contrary. Depends who is paying for the trial to take place I guess.

Breast Cancer UK says “A large analysis of most of the studies carried out worldwide into oral contraceptives (the pill) and the risk of breast cancer, showed that women using the pill have a slight increase in breast cancer risk.”

I would like to know how long were the trials for? 3 months? 6 months? 1 year? 10 years? How long do you have to be on it for to increase the risk? Does taking the pill for more that 10 years increase the risk dramatically? Having worked with many Breast Cancer patients, so many said they thought their cancer was Pill related. Almost all had been on some sort of contraception.

Approximately 100 million women worldwide are on the pill. Perhaps a fraction of these women would be interested to know about this.

I am surprised weekly by the number of women I meet who have been on the pill for 10-20 years or more without a break,and some have taken pills back to back for years. A bleed on the pill isn’t a proper period. Some women I have met haven’t had a proper period for over 20 years!! Doesn’t that do something to a women’s body?

On the flip side the Pill has been very helpful to millions of women with painful periods, family planning, etc. It has been of enormous benefit, I do not doubt that. I have taken it myself earlier in my life. But as what cost?

Every women has the right to choose whatever medication is on offer.

I have no judgement for whatever she chooses. I work with women and support them without prejudice.

But this is my main point:

Are women making an informed choice?

Are these women making their own choices with ALL the information and guidance available? Are they aware of facts, stats, medical small print?

Women deserve better treatment, after all it seems men clearly aren’t willing to put up with this as much as women currently do.

Back to breast cancer…

Cancer Network says :“The study, published in Cancer Research, shows that women who used birth control pills within the last year may have as much as a 50% relative increased risk of breast cancer compared with women who never or formerly took birth control pills. Those taking a pill with the highest levels of estrogen had the highest risk; pills that contained low estrogen levels did not increase breast cancer risk.”

So which are they? They are 50 mcg of ethinyl estradiol or 80 mcg of mestranol. A large number of the early pills had higher levels.

Here is a list of the worst offenders- 50mcg ee









The lower the ee number the lower the risk apparently.  Click here for a complete list of contraceptives if you want to check yours.

According to the American trial NSABP B14 Tamoxifen increases the risk of getting cancer of the uterus also called endometrial cancer. These women were carefully followed for 7 years. During this time 15 women out of 1400 taking Tamoxifen developed endometrial cancer.

What happens after 7 years?

If you have had a hysterectomy you can’t get that cancer…one less thing to worry about.

Gynae-oncologists often see patients who then develop uterine and ovarian cancer even after hysterectomy and are keen to remove these in case the cancer develops again there.

In case.

Ask more questions…what’s your chances? Will it prevent cancer by 2%, 3%? Is it worth such a big procedure? What will the side-effects be? What are the choices of medications/procedures? Be sure about your decisions. You make the decision about your body, then be happy and go with a full heart into whatever you decide.

How about a different approach?

Boosting the immune so cancer cells are less active. We all have them, some are more prolific and cause disease.

Looking at our life, stresses, what makes us happy, what we need to get rid of, what we eat, what we wear, and also reduce our chances of cancer.

Because in the end it comes down to numbers and chance. Probability.

What else can you do girls to give yourself a better chance, naturally?

What are your chances based on your personal case? Ask your oncologist for some facts.

Make an informed decision.

If you are suffering from side effects from the Pill or Tamoxifen contact me to discuss your options today. I Let’s have a chat.

I wish you lovely ladies peace, health and happiness. x

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