The Little Clinic donates a client’s fees to Cal Aid



After seeing lots of distressing news coverage I decided that today I would donate one of my client’s fees to Cal Aid . I got the ‘wanted list’ off a Facebook post and went to Tesco. I normally hate shopping but this felt really good to be able to help.

At times like this I think the internet is amazing! Just one Facebook post made me contact all the parents in my son’s class at school asking for clothes donations, candles, blankets etc. Some mums had bags ready for me to collect in the playground this morning. Thank you ladies!

My friend Kathryn Voss (who is going to be a fab homeopath when she graduates!) came with a car load of things donated from parents at her school, the cook and various other people. We drove together to a collection point in West Cross. It’s fantastic how fast we can all pull together to help others.

In the end aren’t we all migrants…children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren of migrants? Some will have to look further in their ancestry than others. I know I am. I also migrated from one country to another…OK it was across the M4 bridge but I did it. Mine was a very easy safe passage. If only it was like that for everyone.

Perhaps this will encourage other homeopaths or therapists to donate one of their client’s fees to buy desperately needed things for the migrants at Calais. Let me know if you do and help spread the word!

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