Study To Establish An Effective Treatment Protocol For Sugar Cravings In Cancer Patients


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The aim of this study is to establish an effective protocol for homeopaths and cancer patients to treat sugar cravings that have arisen or intensified during cancer treatment.

The trial will last 2 months and the results then collated. If successful the protocol will be published here on this website to help other homeopaths and cancer patients. Hopefully people will add their own experience of using the remedies in my comments section for other cancer patients to read.

I am interested in finding out the impact of homeopathic remedies on cravings for chocolate, sweets, cakes, and raw sugar in tea/coffee, etc. in cancer patients.

How the trial will be structured:

  • Recruitment phase : I am aiming for at least 15 participants
  • Initial questionnaire and Skype/phone interview ( Approx 30 mins) This is to establish the outline of the patient’s case and to decide the most appropriate remedy/remedies for the trial.
  • Prescription phase: Prescriptions will be sent to each participant.
  • Protocol phase : The trial will take place for 2 months
  • Results phase: A final questionnaire will be sent out to each participant.
  • Publishing phase: The results and hopefully the protocol will be published on this website.

You are eligible to take part if:

  • You are a male or female cancer patient.
  • You have sugar cravings for cakes/biscuits/sweets/chocolate/raw sugar that have started or intensified since starting NHS cancer treatment ( chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal drugs, eg Tamoxifen).
  • You live in the UK ( no postage costs).
  • You live outside the UK and are willing to contribute to postage costs.
  • You are willing to complete questionnaires and take part in Skype/phone conversations.
  • You are not currently a patient of mine.

Why do we need this study?

There are widely published protocols for helping the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy such as achy limbs, neuropathy, lethargy, nausea, etc. There are none or very few ( I have not seen any yet) protocols for sugar cravings arisen from cancer treatment.

I have had great success with treating sugar cravings in my homeopathic practice and would like to discover more about this symptom.

Want to get involved?

Click here: I want to stop my sugar cravings.

Type your details in the email box and type ” Sugar cravings study” in the comments section. I will email you further details about the next phase of the trial.

Let’s hope this study will result in helping thousands of cancer patients across the world with their sugar cravings.

Very warm regards,

Rita Robinson@ the little clinic

Disclaimer: This is not a clinical trial.