Do you suffer from serious period pains? Endometriosis?


period pain

If you suffer from severe period pains, I am your girl ! I can empathise, sympathise, listen to your stories of intense pain while I mentally wrap you in a soft blanket and pass you a hot water bottle and take you very very seriously!

I read in the iweekend newspaper this week that:

“It affects half the population….can vary from mild discomfort to crippling disability….excessive period pain can be a sign of an underlying issue such as endometriosis or a uterine infection.”

This is all well and good. We have a serious name for the condition : dysmenorrhea. Perhaps we can be thankful that more women will be taken seriously at work when they need time off if we have a serious name.

I want to talk about myself and many others who suffer from crippling pain, pain like no other, like labour pain, like you want to slit your wrists just to make it stop. If like me you have taken so many painkillers they start to lose their effect you get desperate and start looking at other avenues.

So what are the options?

The pill? Well if you read my other blog post, I don’t like its link to cancer so it’s not an option.

Hormonal injections? Yes had those and still suffering from the side effects over 10 years later. The doctor said I would recover fully after 3 months, and I am sure he meant it with good intentions. The internet has shown me on forums that there are women globally who are in debilitating states everyday from use of the same drug. Been there, done that.

Hysterectomy? That’s right, if it doesn’t work – cut the whole thing out! Then I suppose I have to deal with another set of problems afterwards. If men have penis problems they aren’t told to cut them off? So don’t tell me to cut out my womb…which won’t guarantee solving the whole problem.

What’s left? Lots of other pain relief… all with their own leaflet of side effects and very damaging to my liver and kidneys.

I was backpacking once about 12 years ago, and I asked a doctor why can’t the doctors find out what’s wrong with me? He said that the medical profession only know a small fraction of information about the body. Sigh.

So alternative medicine it is. Homeopathy has managed to halve my pain. Stress is a major factor in doubling the pain, and now that I am a homeopath, my pain levels have decreased dramatically. I am now on a program to detox my body of many things taken prior to becoming a homeopath which is dropping my pain levels every month. There is hope…and it doesn’t cause pain or side effects in the process. I will blog about my progress using this new direction of dealing with period pain.

What has been instrumental is finding a website called Alignment Monkey. The most important discovery is that a tilted uterus can be the catalyst for so many conditions, primarily severe period pain, PCOS and endometriosis. I was told 20 years ago that having a tilted uterus will have no impact on my health or pain. Turns out it was the cause all along.

So now I know where to start, what to treat and what to do.

I seem to be able to help most of my clients with their period pain if it is mild to moderate. I haven’t had any cases of severe debilitating pain in my clinic yet, but I am ready and waiting for you if you do, and will give you so much time, care and attention because I feel that pain too.

The iweekend newspaper also tried to give tips on pain relief such as swimming and yoga positions incorporating bending forwards! What? Are you serious? A woman with serious pain would never contemplate that…get me to that couch, blanket and pass me a hot water bottle!

I think the clue is in the word period…which also means STOP.

Image courtesy of Does she look like she wants to go swimming?