Inducing Labour With Oxytocin And Its Wider Effects



Hospital induced labour happens too often, and is more likely to lead to a c-section. It should be used in medical emergency situations. Only 4% of babies arrive on their due date. Anxiety surrounding due dates has lead to an increase in cervix “sweeps”, and planned intervention when it is not always necessary.

Saskia Praat, my favourite Dutch homeopath  has written an excellent article which I have translated for you.

Personal Experience

I know too well from personal experience that this can be too much too fast. Both the birth of my daughter as well as my son were artificially induced with oxytocin, known as the ‘happy hormone.  I was very young and ignorant. If I knew then what I know now (how many times I have not said that?) I would not let a drop in me! Yet I did at the birth of my son in an attempt to keep the doctor happy! I had just four hours in labour and I wanted so badly to deliver it naturally myself. Without intervention.
It seemed to go so well. Well that’s how it felt to me. But the doctor did not agree. He just grabbed my arm and stuck in the needle. Well, it was a Saturday night, maybe he had to go to a party! What followed was a labour storm, that I no longer could hold back, and within 3 minutes I sat up and  my son was born on a drip.
Fortunately, he was healthy but later he had difficulties which I  would now be trace back to the artificial administration of oxytocin.

Oxytocin Suppression

Recently I did a ‘free trial’ for parents with crying/colicky babies. My intention was to help them within three weeks because babies usually respond rapidly to correctly chosen homeopathic remedies.
It struck me that as the mothers described the problems with their child, I noticed that more than half of them had been administered oxytocin during childbirth. Resetting the oxytocin receptors with a homeopathic remedy altered the behaviour of those children immediately!
Within a few days they changed from a crybaby into a happy, sociable child. At that moment, you know as a homeopath, that artificial oxytocin had been the culprit.

Trust In Nature

It’s a pity everything today is so fast. There is little or no confidence in the power and wisdom of nature. Medical intervention is always an option if the situation becomes a risk, that’s the beauty of our healthcare system, but we do not need to take unnecessary risks, and let’s not do it too soon and then risk unnecessary damage.

Possible symptoms caused by synthetic oxytocin:

  • Crying baby for no apparent reason
  • Breastfeeding problems
  • Restlessness and anxiety
  • Sleeping problems
  • Difficulty in making social contacts
  • Fears

Homeopathic detoxification of oxytocin

Do you recognize one or more of these symptoms in your child? Can you think of no apparent reason for these symptoms? Was your labour artificially induced with oxytocin, or did you use oxytocin nasal spray to support breastfeeding? Then homeopathic detoxing of the oxytocin is an important step towards solving this problem.

You can consult a homeopath in your area about this. A licensed homeopath in your area can be found on the website of The British Homeopathic Association

If you have not given birth yet and you are interested in inducing labour naturally then this website called Bring My Baby has more information on the subject.

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