Arthritis pains? Try this…works for my mum and me!


big glass

 My arthritis was triggered by giving birth to my eldest. My mother has it and my grandmother had it. But now it has gone! Sometimes my pain would be so bad I couldn’t hold a pen and write properly, which is devastating when my job involves writing all day! Now, I can write, type, open jars, peel and cut vegetables all day long!


How did I get pain free?
First I cut out wheat and dairy for several reasons. Primarily to heal my endometriosis, but also to lose weight and increase energy levels. I was not planning to do this for more than a few months, however I saw that my arthritis improved too.Most of my cancer patients make a juice most days. I was reluctant to do this because:

  • I don’t like a lot of vegetables
  • I don’t eat any fruit to be honest
  • I am not good at sustaining new routines
  • I didn’t want to buy a truck load of fruit and veg for them to grow legs and walk out of my fridge
  • I didn’t want to buy another machine to end up in the dump (along with my bread maker, waffle maker, deep fat fryer, ice cream maker, steamer…sigh)
  • The thought of a drink that tastes of broccoli and cabbage isn’t appealing

Why it’s good to juice

The bottom line is this:

Too much acidity in our guts increases inflammation.
Wheat, dairy, red meat are all acidic.

Eating greens leads to a more alkaline stomach which reduces inflammation and reduces pain. Simple.

What I can manage

I now get my kids to have it daily – they have apple/grape/carrot ( in a shot glass).
It also helps with a routine. I have it for breakfast

As long as there is a green apple and a carrot in there I can tolerate anything – spinach, kale, cucumber, chard, broccoli ( just one head, mind). I add in a few berries sometimes like strawberries, blackberries or blueberries because I don’t eat fruit.

I drink it on an empty stomach…then give my boys a HUGE HIGH FIVE!
A whole green juice!
Whoo hoo!
Feels like a huge achievement…..( actually its very childish, like a child who finished their peas for a sticker or something.)
But it does feel good. Healthy. Healing.

That’s it. 

No secrets

My arthritic pains are pretty much gone now. My mum has started this and has felt her pains diminishing. Amazing. 
No pills.
No supplements.
No secrets.

Try it for a week…no dairy, or red meat to start off…feel the difference in pain levels, then take the next step. Your joints will love it!

​Till next time.