Cancer Sugar Craving Study – 100% Success Rate For New Homeopathic Protocol


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The aim of this study was to establish an effective protocol for homeopaths and cancer patients to treat sugar cravings that have arisen or intensified during cancer treatment. Sugar cravings were for a variety of foods, such as, chocolate, ice cream, biscuits, cakes, etc.

I felt like I was a drug addict!  I just couldn’t walk past the cakes and sweets without buying them. Now I don’t want any of them.”


Many thanks to all who participated. 50% of those who showed an initial interest completed the entire trial, and without those ladies, these findings would not be possible. All the participants had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and all were on hormonal treatment such as Tamoxifen, Letrozole, or Herceptin.
All these women had an increase in sugar cravings since diagnosis.

“I just don’t want sugar anymore. Not in my tea…not anything. I feel so much better for it.”


The treatment was 100% effective in reducing sugar cravings in all patients.

75% of those participants had their cravings disappear after taking the sugar remedy known as Saccharum Officinale 30c.  The dosage varied between 1 pill for 3 days to 1 pill for 5 days based on each case.

25% of those participants experienced their cravings reduce by 50% with the same remedy. These cravings started to increase so they repeated their doses, or took a higher potency of 200c.

The first day I started your ‘program’ was quite extraordinary for me.  I didn’t eat any processed sugar and didn’t even have a snack in the afternoon between lunch and dinner time.  This was amazing for me, I have not been able to get through the afternoon for years (since I can remember) without having a snack.  I still have a snack sometimes now but some days I don’t, this is an amazing change for me.”

Prior homeopathic detox

All patients took a homeopathic detox in regards to any chemotherapy or radiotherapy they had prior to the sugar study. This was a very important step prior to dealing with the cravings. Some patients felt an improvement in limb pain, and a marked increase in energy levels , after the detox prior to dealing with the sugar cravings.

These were specific remedies given on an individual basis along with organ support to help eliminate the toxins easily and gently.

“My sugar craving has halved. It went back up a little but not to the point it was when I started.”

Only works for cancer patients

I can conclude that from my day-to-day practice I have not seen dramatic decreases in sugar cravings in non-cancer patients. What the link is I have yet to discover. There is lots of information around to state that “cancer loves sugar”.

“I have not eaten any processed sugar since I started taking the pills.  I am so happy about this. I have lost the cravings, mostly, if I do get a craving I go to raw food.  Sometimes we have a raw ball or slice.”

Other conclusions

The remedy had a correlation with the amount of medications each patient was on. The greater the amount of medication, the greater the need to repeat or take higher potencies.

The sugar cravings maybe related to the hormonal treatment. I have yet to meet a cancer patient in my normal practice who is not receiving hormonal treatment and display intense sugar cravings since diagnosis. This is merely a observation.

“The sugar craving I had was the worst ever. I became so disappointed in myself. I couldn’t help myself. Now I don’t crave cakes and sweets anymore. I can’t believe that it’s all gone now. Amazing! Just from some tiny pills. Now all my friends want some.”

Some of these patients are so happy with their results they are continuing to seek homeopathic treatment with me.

I will be seeking to publish these results in a homeopathic papers, so that many more patients can be helped.

If you are a cancer patient and would like to deal with your sugar cravings effectively then please contact me by clicking here.