IBS case – 75% healed in the first session



This case is about a woman with IBS. She had all the investigations possible and in the end they told her the “pain was in her head.” Suzanne had this for 10 years and after one homeopathy session she almost eradicated all her prescription meds and painkillers. 18 pills per day! This is the story of what happened.

Initial symptoms

Stomach pain in her uterus area
Burning in bladder before urination
Cramps in her stomach
Diarrhoea alternating with constipation
All symptoms worse for bread and fatty foods

Had claustrophobia and some anxieties

The pain was so bad, and despite internal investigations she could not get a diagnosis, therefore lots of people did not believe her. That was difficult for her. Suzanne even started to convince herself “it must be in her head.”

Homeopathy does not need a name for your disease or a diagnosis. One person will experience IBS in a different way to the next person. They will feel pain in different places. There can be cramping, shooting, constricting, squeezing, pulling pains, or dull aches and spasms. Each IBS sufferer will require a different homeopathic remedy.

Prior NHS medication

  • Painkillers – 8 per day
  • Buscopan for cramps – 8 per day
  • Lansoprazole  for heartburn – 2 per day
  • Gaviscon throughout the day for heartburn
  • Antibiotics were prescribed twice to sort out the recent increase in pain with no effect

Homeopathic prescription

Sacc 30c 1 x 5 days
This remedy was based on her whole case; the type of pain she felt, when it all commenced, her emotional and mental symptoms, and also the foods she craved.  

Outcome after 1st session

  • ​Painkillers dropped from 8 to 2 per day ( and some days none at all)
  • Buscopan dropped from 8 to 2 per day ( and some days none at all)
  • Lansoprazole from 2 to 1 a day
  • No more Gaviscon at all

Do you have IBS?

If you are reading this because you have IBS and you are interested in trying a different method to your daily pills then contact me at The Little Clinic on 07810 058880.

If you want to talk about your case and find out how homeopathy can help you with your IBS pain then Skype/email me at ritakararobinson@gmail.com

  • If you have pain and are awaiting a diagnosis then this is for you.
  • If you have had investigative procedures and the NHS cannot find a cause for your pain then homeopathy is for you.
  • If you are on many pills a day and you want to come off them and find an alternative then homeopathy is for you.