How I went from an acute infection to “happy” using a homeopathic First Aid Kit.




Last Thursday night I was in a bad way. I was sleep deprived for 5 consecutive nights and consequently probably caught some bug or something at the Christmas concert. I big hot room full of kids and adults coughing and sneezing in very close proximity.

That evening rapidly I came over really ill. One by one my organs became inflamed.


I was freezing cold. Cold kidneys on my back, I could not warm up. Then I started to get what felt like a bladder infection: pain in the bladder from small sips of water and constant desire to urinate. This is not good. This takes a few days to heal.

When I am ill I cannot prescribe for myself very well, so I just think of keynotes of each remedy.
Rapid onset – Aconite. Took one and then fell asleep.

Awoke to another problem.


Inflammed  – I couldn’t bend over, my liver hurt so badly. I could not lie on my right side.
2 organs at once isn’t great. Already starting to panic about giant birthday party.


Real pain on full inhalation. What the hell was this? Never had this before. This was quite frightening. I felt like my whole body was breaking down.

Still cold – took Arsenicum. Immediately I started to heat up. Amazing. Feel asleep quite scared of what was happening. Good remedy – keynotes are cold and fear.

I woke up with a lot of the pain diminished but tired and wondering how to get through my son’s big birthday party later.


Well if the liver, kidneys and lunds were out I thought my heart may not be in great shape.I took some Ferr Phos ( iron) tissue salts for tiredness.

Swollen glands

To get my glands functioning better to drain any toxins I booked a 30 minute massage by a lady who uses her feet at Massage by Feet. The very best massage I have had! I felt more positive. My neck and back were far less painful and it gave me good spirits.

A few Kali phos tissue salts for energy and I was able to cope with the party.

Now that’s how you use a kit!

You can buy them from Helios or Ainsworths.
If this makes you more curious about learning how to use a kit, please let me know for details about future mini-courses.

You can self heal without running for antibiotics so frequently!