New website – new focus


I have a new website with my focus upon what I love to deal with the most and that is vaccine injury.
Having experienced vaccine injury myself for 30 years I realise the frustration of having pain that no-one can find the answer to.
I have been prescribed various medicines all with their own damaging side-effects and some effects lasted 10 years when was told the effects would last 2 months at the most.
Vaccine injury is now becoming more common with the rising number of vaccines being routinely given. Add to that the flu vaccine that is now given to children and routinely offered to most elderly.
With the increased use of the internet, people are able to find each other and share stories, get help and find alternative treatment.


My focus this year will be on HPV vaccine victims and the devastating effects it can have on so many girls.

I am on a mission to prove how they can get better using a gentle effect method and try and heal 100 girls this year and give them their life back.