Case Study of girl using homeopathy to heal HPV vaccine side effects


HPV vaccine injury

How homeopathy helped HPV vaccine injury effectively using a homeopathic detox program

Case study of Heidi, a 19 year old girl who was chronically ill after having 3 HPV (Cervirax) vaccines. Description of how she far she recovered after just 2 months of homeopathic detox treatment.

Original symptoms

Chronic fatigue
Joint pain
Muscle Pain
“Brainfog” and poor memory
Strange heartbeat
Period pain
Paleness in complexion

1st month – homeopathic detox program

Week 1 – Heidi was given various remedies that would support the organs, especially the liver and kidneys. This paves the way for an easier detox.

Week 2 – 4 Heidi took HPV vaccine detox 6c, 30c and other remedies to support the organs.

Good results after the first month.

* Her chronic fatigue had reduced by more than half.
* Daily joint pain had reduced to only 2/3 times a week.
* Insomnia cleared up, she was now able to fall asleep most nights but continued to wake in the nights some nights.
* Her random shooting pain in her ear, and swelling of lips, achy back, and shooting in the ribs completely disappeared.

* Brainfog had reduced slightly.
* Less pale in complexion.
* No more aches in the knee, but the other joint pains continued as before.
* Dizziness continues but now without nausea.
Period improved slightly.

* Some wavy red lines appeared behind her knees, and her feet stopped sweating so much.

2nd month

Weeks 1-2 – Heidi took HPV vaccine detox 200c and organ support remedies.

Weeks 3-4 – Vaccine detox 1m was given with support remedies and new remedies for the brain fog and heartburn.

* Heartburn had disappeared
* Brainfog presented only 1/2 times a week now
* Anxiety had decreased by 30%
* Wavy lines behind the knee had disappeared
* Dizziness decreased to 1/2 times a week
* Irregular heartbeat has gone

Joint pains continue to need attention as does the anxiety.
Heidi is still a patient and her name has been changed with her permission.

Fast and effective

This case study illustrates how fast homeopathy can work to heal such a vast number of different symptoms in such a short space of time.

Heidi had suffered for 7 years from these problems so it will take a few months for them to subside. The medicines have no side effects, are pleasant to take, and clearly have a positive effect.

Heidi took them alongside conventional sleeping medicines and quickly realised she didn’t need them anymore.

If you have a child suffering from side effects from the HPV vaccine, either Gardasil or Cervarix, and you have questions about using homeopathy to heal please get in touch with me at

You can heal without using conventional medicines. I have lots of experience dealing with HPV vaccine injured girls and am aiming to treat 100 girls this year and give them their lives back.