How to heal HPV vaccine side effects in 4 weeks


From couch to school prom in 4 weeks with vaccine homeopathic detox

Emma was severely debilitated after a series of 3 HPV (Gardasil) vaccines given in 2012/2013.
A year ago she was at her lowest ebb, in a wheelchair with daily episodes of convulsions, pain, paralysis, vomiting and a list of other symptoms. Within this time she had a flu vaccine, not having realized that it was the HPV vaccine that had already triggered her health decline.
Emma suffered flu vaccine side effects and felt like she had the flu daily.

After finding the support from other mums in a Facebook support group, Emma’s mum concluded that she was suffering from HPV vaccine side effects.
Emma had tried conventional support and medicines from doctors for several years before trying homeopathy.
This is Emma’s case after 4 weeks of homeopathic detox treatment.

“Between the vomiting, the weakness, and the all-over pain, it felt like I had the flu all the time.
I felt so drained; it just sucked the life out of me. “Emma

Emma’s HPV vaccine side effects

There is no definitive list of HPV Vaccine “syndrome” however many of the girls suffering from its effects have many symptoms in common.
This is what Emma was suffering from at her initial consultation.

*Kidney pain
*Constant fatigue
*Ear pain – was sensitive to touch and felt sore inside
*Headaches in her forehead which were made worse by her light sensitivity
*Stabbing pain in her back and neck pain
*Brain fog sensation – hard to process questions, poor memory
*Irregular periods with mild cramps
*Chest pain – palpitations with a tightening sensation in her sternum
*Daily seizures where she would stare while conscious accompanied by a cloudy feeling in her head
*Peripheral neuropathy – a feeling of pins and needles when she walked barefoot
*Severe anxiety and panic attacks
*Difficulty going to sleep
*Diarrhea and vomiting after most meals

The HPV vaccine stopped her from having a normal school life

Before the HPV vaccines she was a very bright, happy and funny girl. She was never anxious and would chat happily to strangers. Her health declined to the point that she would spend whole days on the couch because that’s all she could do, she couldn’t go to school as normal and her anxieties increased dramatically.

It was clear that she needed to detox the HPV vaccine as the symptoms started after this. After drawing a timeline of her recent vaccines and medication, it surfaced that the last vaccine she had was a flu vaccine. As this was the most recent this had to be detoxed first.

Results after the initial homeopathic vaccine detox

Emma was given a very low dose of homeopathic flu vaccine detox alongside remedies for the liver and kidneys to support the removal of toxins, which also make the organs stronger and more efficient. She was also given a constitutional remedy to help support the immune system as a whole.

After 4 weeks of treatment Emma said that she felt weakness only once a week instead of once a day. In general she was feeling a lot less pain and had gained more stamina.

* Kidney pain stopped
* Ear pain stopped
*Asthma which she had previous to the vaccines had improved – she was now using the nebulizer much less
* Only 1 headache that month
* Brain fog had improved a great deal. She felt “amazingly better”, she could focus, her mind was sharper and was now doing homework.
Improved by 70%
*Period was shorter and pain free
*Chest pain stopped
*Palpitations were now less
*Seizures had disappeared
*Anxiety improved by 40%
*Vomiting and diarrhea stopped
*Now awaking from bed earlier
*Sweating had decreased

This is an amazing result from only 4 weeks of natural treatment.
It’s not a standalone case, there are many like this, by myself and other homeopaths.
This clearly illustrates the potential that homeopathy has to heal any vaccine injury swiftly and effectively.

“Since working with Rita, I feel human again. I’m getting stronger. I can go up and down the stairs without gasping for breath. I have no more nausea or vomiting. My back pain is gone.

I can give my mother a hug without being in pain.”

What’s next?

Emma is continuing to have homeopathic detox treatment for the symptoms that remain such as the anxiety, and the brain fog. This shouldn’t take long seeing how far she healed in 4 weeks. She needs to complete a HPV vaccine detox next.

If you suspect HPV vaccine damage in your child then write out a timeline of all the vaccines and medicines they had and when symptoms started. This will make the picture clearer.
If this case study strikes a chord with you then get in touch if you want to chat about your child’s symptoms.

There are several Facebook groups dedicated to increasing awareness and connecting with parents of vaccine injured children, be it HPV, MMR, childhood vaccines, etc

Here is a video I made about common symptoms that HPV vaccine sufferers have.

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If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with me by clicking here.

Yes you can heal from vaccine injury.


Rita Kara Robinson BA WSHom

Rita is a an experienced homeopath dealing with HPV vaccine injuries daily. She is dedicated to helping as many girls as possible aiming to help 100 HPV injured girls by the end of 2016.

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