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Vaccine detox brought her back to full health

This photo does not do my patient any justice. On her last consultation of which she only had three, she looked glowing, radiant, beautiful and alive. I was so happy to see her smiling and we spent the last consultation laughing together and talking about how amazing the effect of homeopathy can be, how dramatic and long lasting the effects of vaccines can be and how wondrous these little pills are to make all her symptoms disappear.

Previously detoxed the HPV vaccine using a homeopathic detox

Ceri had the Gardasil vaccines in her early 20’s and reacted badly to them. After the first she had headaches and migraines. After the second she went into a strange coma state rolling in and out of conciousness. She detoxed the HPV vaccine with another homeopath and made lots of improvement in her health. Combined with this she went to saunas frequently to detox the toxins through her sweat which she said helped enormously.

Before the BCG detox I felt tired and had little energy.
I had frequent pains and often felt uncomfortable in my body.Ceri

Began to detox BCG vaccine

So Ceri came to me to see what else could be done as homeopathy had been so successful so far.

Before the HPV vaccine she had 5 vaccines within one month: BCG (TB), MMR, Hep B, Hep C and Tetanus. Since that month her fingers started to break easily. This hindered her playing sports which she was so good at. She couldn’t focus at work very well anymore, and joints started to move out of place easily.

Her symptoms to deal with were:

*Constant mild kidney pain
*Heaviness and pain in liver area
*Frequent fever like symptoms
*Low immune, gets ill frequently
*Whole body feels inflamed
*Head feels confused
*Cold hands and feet, with hot centre of the body
*Lots of earwax
*Dry skin
*Paleness, anemia
*Her BCG scar never fully healed

Results of BCG vaccine detox

Pain in liver area disappeared.
Her kidney pain now felt milder.
She no longer had nausea after breakfast.
Her periods were returning to normal.
She felt herself becoming more well, “like a watch finally turning.”
She didn’t feel so stuck in her healing.
Her BCG scar went down and healed !
However, there was more work to be done.

A two month contraceptive Pill detox was prescribed

Ceri took a Pill detox along with organ support remedies so that the likelihood of aggravations was minimal and it helped the body to get rid of toxins more efficiently.

I can’t remember when my brain and my body has been this strong at allCeri

Ceri’s organs returned to normal. She had no original symptoms remaining. She was able to go dancing 4 days in row which she could not do before.
Her dry skin remained which for which I prescribed some tissue salts.
Ceri only asked for help with her coffee addiction after this. She did not need so much caffeine now that her body was well and had more energy again, for which I prescribed Coffea 200c.

This case illustrates the effects of vaccine and contraception over a long time period.
The medical proffesion does not formaly recognise the effects and also has no method of heaing these symptoms.
Just stopping the Pill was not enough.

If you can resonate with any of these symptoms and would like to heal and detox, get in touch with a licensed homeopath who has experience in homeopathic detoxing.

I feel great now. The two detox have been fantastic and my health is so much better πŸ™‚
I can definitely recommend trying it πŸ™‚ Ceri

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Rita Kara Robinson LicWSHom

Rita is an experienced homeopath dealing with vaccine and medicine detoxes daily.
She is dedicated to helping as many HPV injured girls this year as possible and is on a quest to heal 100 girls in by the end of 2016.

There are more cases to come.

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