4 year old with ASD cures all symptoms using homeopathic detox


ASD and homeopathy

I love this case because the most amazing thing is that the boy detoxed medicines the mum had taken in pregnancy and his autistic symptoms disappeared.
His mother says, ” I can’t say I have an autistic child anymore.”

Autism and homeopathy

There are different ways parents are trying to deal with autism. Some try detoxing with supplements, changing diet, chelation, etc. Homeopathy has something very big to bring to the table. It can detox specific substances that have caused long term symptoms. These symptoms can come on gradually over months, years, decades.
We know this method works because when a homeopath detoxes the specific substance, the person heals. It is amazing to witness and why I am so passionate about my job as a homeopath.
I can’t get enough of these fantastic cases. I’m like a healing, happiness junkie.

This case was told to be by my friend and homeopath Saskia Praat who is well experienced in dealing with autistic cases. You can read about her and her cases here. She is Dutch but they are worth translating in Google.

What were his ASD symptoms?

Oscar ( not his name but will help you picture him), came to Saskia with a list of symptoms and here they are:

*Lots of aggression towards his younger sister including hurting her
* Lots of temper tantrums
* Not verbal at all
*Various tics and twitches
* Bouncing head against the wall
*Extremely thirsty
*Night terrors since birth
*Shrieking in sleep
*Worse when touched
*Mum often has to cover him up with pillows to prevent him hurting himself

Oscar was unvaccinated.

The key was this: Mum had surgery on her back while pregnant (she didn’t know she was pregnant then!)

As a homeopath Saskia had a choice to use the conventional method of giving one remedy to fit all the symptoms. This can work and does work, or she can choose to detox what she thinks caused the problem.

Saskia chose to give Oscar a detox program to detox the anaesthetics which the mum had during pregnancy which may have crossed over into the uterus along with a constitutional remedy.

Results after first autistic detox program

Lots of improvement in just 2 months. Oscar becomes verbal, less aggressive, and he seems to be aware of what he is doing and starts to show empathy.

Amazing results from a few homeopathic pills in a short time. The nice thing about the pills is that they are tiny and taste sweet so there is rarely any resistance from the children to take them.

The night terrors remained so Saskia decided to give Oscar an antibiotic detox.

Results after a further 2 months of homeopathic detox

At daycare they started to ask mum what happened to him?
They noticed that he started communicating, was learning, playing with other children

His temper tantrums,tics,twitches, and bouncing his head
all disappeared.
Aggression towards his sister is rare now.

The only symptom remaining was his night terrors. Saskia prescribed one dose of Kali- Brom and that disappeared.

So there you have it, ALL autistic symptoms disappeared and his case is closed.

“I can’t say I have an autistic child anymore. He will probably go to regular primary school! “Oscar's mum

How can it be this simple?

Some cases are more straightforward that others. Oscar’s medical history was simple and it was easy for Saskia to unravel and use a detoxing method.
The relief it gives and speed it evolves is incredible and I still get a racing heart and a sense of euphoria when I hear one of my patients is healing long term symptoms from a detox.

The scope of this method is infinite and hard to dispute. When you give someone a homeopathic detox of a specific substance and all symptoms disappear, to me it’s conclusive that those substances caused the problem.
Why it doesn’t happen in everyone is a different question.

So everyone reading this can take something from this post.
Do you have chronic symptoms that have started since medications, the Pill, the coil, antibiotics, steroids, vaccines?
Do you have a child with chronic symptoms and you had medicines during pregnancy?

Have a think about trying to heal from a different angle.

Please get in contact with myself here, with Saskia here or a local homepath who is experienced in CEASE or HDT detoxing methods.

ritakararobinson@gmail.com Via Skype
07810 058880

You have nothing to lose and health to gain, and remember, the pills taste nice 🙂

I wish you all good health, until next time.


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