How to chip away at chronic illness with happiness


happiness and chronic illness

How can I get happy if I’m so ill?

Most of us know that happiness is the key to healing. There are many studies and books written on this subject. But this is easier said than done if you feel like everyday is an uphill struggle. So here are a few simple but effective suggestions to get you feeling better in a week.

Find your bliss

This sounds really simple but it is so hard for many of us. Can you name 5 things that make you really happy that are attainable in the next 7 days?

I used to volunteer at a cancer clinic and saw countless cancer patients…and I used to ask them, “What do you do to make you happy?”
The answers 99% of the time were:
I don’t know
I don’t do anything
I don’t have time I am busy working/raising children
I can’t remember the last time I did something for myself

It is well documented that cancer patients have suppressed feelings, and rarely do anything for themselves. They tended to be carers either in the professional or personal sense.

You HAVE to put yourself first…sometimes.It’s imperative.

This makes people feel guilty/selfish/bad

I give you permission to do something small for yourself today, tomorrow, this week.

When I said they had to promise me to do something they suggested:
Go for a walk in nature
Go for lunch with friends
Bake a cake
Do something artistic
Buy new clothes
Buy a new book
Go on a trip somewhere

If someone else said they were aiming to do these things this week, would you think they were selfish/bad? I doubt it.

I find this hard myself but I have to schedule time for walks, runs, coffee with friends, and best of all… escape games.
I am addicted.
I feel blissful and energised for hours afterwards.

Blissful ideas for housebound people

It’s all well and good saying go for a walk, but what happens if you are housebound?
A lot of the HPV vaccine injured I treat don’t leave the house much…but they need bliss too.
Here are some ideas:

* Funny films on Netflix, Sky movies
* Watch box sets
*Order canvas, sketchbook and nice pens, paints etc and express yourself. Who will see it? It’s cathartic…express those real deep feeling of how you feel- sad, lonely, suppressed anger, exhaustion, depression, frustration…even if it’s doodles
*Get out in the sun, even if it’s sitting in a chair in the garden for 10 mins, everyone needs Vitamin D and fresh air. Listen to some tunes on your phone while you are there. Expose your limbs and eyes.
*Walk, even if it means up and down the room once, or to the kitchen, or just to the end of your road. Most importantly keep a record. You need to do this so that you can see small improvements over time. It’s crucial to measure your successes.
*Go on Pinterest and make collections of things you like/you want to see/make/do when you are better, because you will get better
*Have a detox bath – use Epsom salts/HImalayan salts/Dead sea salts/essential oils. You will feel better afterwards.
*Get your parent/partner/mobile therapist to give you a massage. For some any touch is therapeutic. It doesn’t have to be expensive – some do 30 min deals, and some colleges look for volunteers to be practiced upon for FREE!
*Get a friend round for a cuppa and make yourself up. If you are a guy, gel your hair, shave and put on a nice shirt. If you are a girl, put some make up on, use some tongs…look better for an afternoon.
*Get food delivered. Ask your friend/partner/parent to get you your favourite snack/cake/dinner you can’t buy in the supermarket. Eat something different.
*Google nice places to visit – walks/cafes/places of interest, other towns and cities nearby, holiday destinations as incentives of where to go when you get better, because you will get better.

Keep a gratitude journal

Click the image to downIoad the one above. There are some for children here too.

I think this should be number one in the list, but some people might read this and think oh that’s so flaky, woo woo, spiritual for me.

If you are a patient of mine you might have heard me banging on about this but I know it works. It’s worked for me twice in my life and I have seen it work for others.

You need to appreciate the small things in life, and then more good things will come along.
You will feel more abundant.
You will feel positive and that will naturally start to turn around your thought patterns UNCONSCIOUSLY.
Yes…no effort. It’s so great for people with chronic depression.

All you need is a nice notebook and you write down 5 things you are grateful for that day. (Start with one or two.)

Now, with people in chronically ill and bedridden situations this can still be done.

eg I am thankful for the bright sun that warmed the room and my face this morning, my friend who texted me, the funny film that was on TV, hearing my favourite song on the radio, I managed to walk to the kitchen twice today, the pain in my right leg was less today.

Click the above to get into Leonie Dawson. She really rocks and has a downloadable one too.

Small steps. Insignificant to others. Everything to you.

If you choose just one thing from this post…choose this.

Oh and choose homeopathy too…to heal that chronic illness gently and effectively.

The pills taste nice…a little bit of happiness.

Rita Kara Robinson LicWSHom

Rita is an experienced homeopath dealing with HPV vaccine injuries and chronic illnesses daily. She is dedicated to helping as many HPV injured girls as possible, aiming to see 100 girls by 2017.

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