HPV vaccine side effects healed in 4 weeks


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Common side effects from the HPV vaccine

Eve is an 18 year old who suffered from the side effects of the HPV vaccine.
She recovered from the symptoms which she had for quite a long time, but the remarkable thing is that she recovered in a month and using a natural, gentle detox system called homeopathy.
She came to me knowing she was vaccine injured and here is how:

Eve and Freya were ill for many years (2009 and 2010). I spent a long time looking for answers.
Eve had various diagnosis because she had pre existing conditions – but this made school easier with a diagnosis.
She and her dad went on a city break to Dublin in February where our REGRET group were very vocal in the run up to the general election.
She had a
Gift bulb moment. A bit of googling and we came across Sanevax, Freda, Facebook page and ….you.

Rachel (Eve's mum)

Eve came to me knowing she was suffering from common side effects from the HPV vaccine.
Her symptoms were:

*Chronic fatigue, made worse by talking and with heavy eyes.
*Joint pain – pins and needles in her legs with periods of numbness.
*Hypermobility of the joints -with a sharp pain in her hips and clicking of joints.
*Lots of nosebleeds
*Dizzyness going up the stairs, on standing, with blurry vision and the tendency to want to fall
*Constant sore throat especially on waking
*Chronic constipation at times with pain
*Body clock had reversed, difficulty getting to sleep
*Spots on back and shoulders

It made a huge difference psychologically knowing that other people have suffered the same symptoms.Rachel (Eve's mums)

First homeopathic prescription

Eve was able to describe her symptoms with great clarity. I was able to find out about Eve as a person, not just her vaccine injury symptoms, but more about her personality.
By doing so, I was able to find a clear “constitutional” remedy for her. This is like a “personality” remedy which covers all her mental, emotional and physical symptoms in the case.
Instead of doing a straightforward vaccine detox, I decided to boost her immune first with a view to detoxing later.

I used her constitutional remedy “Aurum” and some liver and kidney support to aid the drainage of toxins to prevent any aggravations. I gave her a program detailing what to take and when.

Great results after just 4 weeks

All the following symptoms disappeared:
*Pain in joints
*Sharp pain in hips
*Painful throat
*Spots on back and shoulders

These few things were still left to deal with:

Her sleep pattern had improved, and her energy levels had improved a lot. She did not need any coffee or coke to stay awake. She said, “After 10 days I didn’t need them.”

Her brain fog had improved 30%.
Her joint pain had gone but some pins and needles now remained only in the feet and lower leg.
She still felt hypermobile but without the pain.

She was prescribed an increase in potency of the program and we await the results.

You do not need an official diagnosis from your doctor to start a vaccine detox

Chances are you won’t get one anyway no matter who you see and what department you try. Very rarely does a vaccine injured patient get confirmation or admission of this.

Do not let that stop you getting alternative treatment and begin your path to good health again. All you need is your own confirmation that the symptoms started after the HPV vaccine.

Homeopathy offers you a chance to join all the dots and combine all your symptoms under one umbrella.

This vaccine rang bells with us because Eve’s dad had Mercury fillings removed after many, many years of debilitating health.Rachel

It’s not just the HPV vaccine itself. It could be years of vaccines and the build up of adjuvants such as mercury and aluminium. Aluminium and mercury are the cause of many joint and back pains in HPV injured. I know this because when I specifically detox those metals the symptoms in most cases disappear.

How long would it take for my child to detox the vaccine?

In all honesty, 4 weeks is a record in my clinic. There is no pattern to how long it can take. Generally the longer you have had the symptoms the longer it takes to undo, however every now and again I have a patient who bucks the trend.

If you have had the vaccine within 4 weeks to 3 months it should take 2/3 months to detox. Any longer and it takes a few more months but the majority of people see improvements from the first month anyway. Some symptoms disappear quickly and some gradually decline.

Why homeopathy?

Because its a proven technique. It can detox specific vaccines and also specific medicines. I see people as having layered cases and sometimes we need to remove layers of suppression in order to clear the body.

Homeopathy is gentle, kind, supports and repairs the organs and also tastes nice.

If you want to detox your child from the HPV vaccine find a homeopath in your area who works with a Homeopathic Detox Protocol or contact me via Skype as I see HPV injured girls daily all over the world.

Contact me via the button or 07810 058880

I wish you all good health.
You can heal.

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Eve was comfortable with Rita’s gentle approach and felt able to discuss the long list of varied symptoms- something which had not always been possible in conventional medicine.
Rita then proposed a detox plan. She is warm, friendly and approachable and has been there to consult via email when we have needed it.Rachel

Rita Kara Robinson LicWSHom BA

Rita is a licensed homeopath with experience of detoxing and helping HPV vaccine injured girls to recover everyday. She is committed to seeing 100 HPV injured girls by the end of 2016.

More cases to follow

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