Healing ASD symptoms in 4 weeks by detoxing vaccines


This real case aims to appeal to mums who noticed their children regressed after a childhood vaccination and went on to develop autistic symptoms.
I hope you read this true story and take heart that your child can heal simply, gently and effectively using a homeopathic detox program.

Milly is a 3 year old with diagnosed autistic symptoms

Milly’s mother noticed that she was making regular development until 12 months and then at 14 months her mother noticed language regression ; she “lost” words and stopped responding to her name and began to babble instead.
Milly suffered from numerous painful ear infections and has had grommets fitted twice.
Milly showed no social interaction, but was a busy girl and found it hard to sit still or concentrate on anything for long periods. She liked to spin around on the spot ,
When she got angry she used to hit herself and bite things hard. She was very tactile and explored her environment by throwing things and being unintentionally destructive or staring into space.
Milly had loose nappies, chronic rhinitis and didn’t like loud noises.

I am sure by this point there are quite a few mums who can relate to these sort of symptoms.

First homeopathic detox prescription

*A short steroid detox for some steroid medication that was given quite recently.
*2 weeks of childhood vaccine detox program with Tuberculinum which is a her constitutional remedy (which covers her personality and general physical symptoms as a whole).

After 4 weeks

A remarkable improvement!

“Milly pointed for the first time, she never used to do it”

She seems to be trying to say a word, like a noise instead of a babble.

She appeared to be more aware of her surroundings and had started to look where she is going as if seeing for the first time.Trisha, Milly's mum

Nursery mentioned she was much calmer, and less restless outside, not running as much.

She was calmer at home and out with mum, for instance, she walked around the supermarket with her mum and helped her put things in the trolley. This was new.

Belladonna worked for her ear as a homeopathic painkiller, and as a result had not used nurofen or calpol for a month.

She was still on some antihistamine for her chronic rhinitis, but had not coughed in a long time.

She has started to wash herself which she has never done before.

She started sleeping well in the night quite rapidly and started to nap a little more in the day.

Her nappies returned to solid, normal type stools.

She then proceeded to take the second half of her detox program.

Second month of homeopathic detox program

“Milly has been easier, and Nursery have seen a marked change in her. The biggest change is that she stays there instead of taking flight.
She doesn’t ‘clear the tables’ anymore.

They have noticed that her eye contact has improved and they can now assess that she has a very good visual memory.

She is not putting things in her mouth so much.Trisha, Milly's mum

Her nappies are changing consistency but some days are solid.
She is now more aware that her nappy is full and making her first steps towards nappy training which is much needed as she approaches starting school.

This is the longest period of wellness.
I have seen more improvements in the last 8 weeks than the last 3 years !
Trisha, Milly's mum

Trisha’s friend couldn’t get over the difference in Milly since May, for example, she was sitting longer at the table for breakfast, was being gentle with her frail grandma instead of crawling over her and most significantly showing more empathy.

The next step is to reassess the case and see if detoxing the calpol/painkillers, antihistamines, antibiotics are appropriate. I detox all sorts of vaccines and medications if the case warrants it and if symptoms started as a result of it.
I also look at medicines the mother may have had in pregnancy and during labour, and fertility drugs. I have seen remarkable improvements in patients of all ages by detoxing such substances.

Does this child resonate with you?

I hope that this case can illustrate the how effective a homeopathic vaccine detox program can be on children who have been diagnosed with autism.

This also illustrates the effect vaccines and medicines can have on some susceptible children.

The question is not do they effect children, but which children are more likely to be affected?

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You are not alone, stay positive. Your child can heal.