Healing scoliosis in a Gardasil injured girl with a homeopathic vaccine detox


gardasil vaccine injury

This is Sara’s story of how the Gardasil vaccine affected her life and caused her to have scoliosis, and how we made her spine straight again in just a few months.

Sara is 23, and she had her Gardasil injection in 2006 when she was 13. The impact of that vaccine has crushed her whole life. There are no words that can really illustrate the devastation Sara has suffered. She has not walked for 4 years. Her main symptoms are that her limbs are contorted, her legs and arms will not straighten, and she was in a great deal of chronic pain from various symptoms.

Before starting treatment with Rita, I was not doing well, I always felt sick, fatigued, and was in a lot of pain, especially nerve pain.
I’ve been doing this for almost ten years, and I was very tired of having to live with constant pain and sickness. Sara

I gave Sara remedies to strengthen her organs, heal her nerves, and begin to detox the Gardasil vaccine. Amazingly, in just three months her spine had totally straightened. Sara has an amazing attitude to healing, she is so positive and determined, I know that she will walk again.

I am so grateful that myself and my family stayed the course and never gave up!
I have had more progress in the last three months than I have had in the last 4 to 5 years! Sara

First consultation

These are the symptoms Sara had on her initial consultation

*Inflammation in her eyes

*Ears aching with a piercing pain

*Dizziness and nausea 2/3 times a day in her stomach coupled with an overwhelming sick feeling in her whole body

*Chest pain due to inflammation of ribs

*Severe food sensitivity – was only able to eat lamb and greens.

*Pain in her arm where she had the vaccine. She had muscle pain in both arms and cramping pains.

*Spine was out of alignment towards the right. Clear scoliosis with itching in the bone of the spine, legs arms and back.

*She had hypertonia. Left leg was stuck at an angle and so was her arm. She was unable to straighten it at all. Her hands were also bent inwards at the wrist and tightly so. She had pins and needles in her neck and legs.

*Her hip felt tight and her neck hurt.

*Sleep and skin issues

Results after 1st month of homeopathic detox program

Inflammation in eyes decreased, and pains in the ears, rib, and arm all improved along with pins and needles, and sleep.

Dizziness, nausea disappeared.

Back already seemed to straighten by 10% and she was sitting up straighter.

Second month of vaccine detox program

I prescribed more organ support and began the Gardasil detox.

I found a significant homeopathic trial completed on rats on using hypericum and silica on nerve damage.

I decided to use this data and also add a myelin sheath remedy and give this to Sara in her program.

The results of this were excellent in such a short period of time.

Her spine was now completely straight! No more scoliosis.

The nerve pain in her entire body disappeared – no longer in her legs, feet, neck, arm or ears.

The eye and chest inflammation reduced further and she was able to introduce a few new foods without a reaction.

By combining the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS) by Annie Hopper with Rita’s homeopathy program and working on forgiveness through the help of Young Living Oils, I now no longer have nerve pain, my spine is completely straight after two years of scoliosis, the fatigue I had is non existent, I have lost a ton of inflammation, and am now able to eat a couple of foods that I used to react to.
I expect much more positive progress in the coming months.Sara

I expect to update this blog post in a few months as we attempt to get Sara walking again.

I have to say that Sara has an amazingly strong determination and positive attitude despite being so chronically ill and bed bound for so long. I think this has helped her recover so far in a short space of time.

I’m so thankful to have found Rita!
Her tailored homeopathic protocols have done more to heal my body than any other homeopathic protocol I have been on.

I appreciate how in tune she is to the body and how to toe that delicate line of detox.Sara

This case illustrates how devastating the Gardasil vaccine can be to some girls…and how different the symptoms can be.

This case also shows the simple healing effect a homeopathic vaccine detox program can have in such a short space of time. Sara and I will continue to work together until she is walking again and leading a normal life again.

I have seen many girls go from being bedridden and house bound to getting their life back after a HPV vaccine detox program.

Recovery really is possible!

Keep a positive outlook, have a healthy diet, focus on your progress, and don’t become attached to this injury as being a part of the rest of your life.

This doesn’t have to be your story.

Stay the course and NEVER give up!Sara

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