Why every tired woman should detox the Pill


depression after the pill

Let me start with if you have been on the Pill and you are tired, its worth considering detoxing the Pill.
It is prescribed for many issues as a gynaecological “cure-all” ,but the simple fact it is. the Pill messes with the main computer of our body and that isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Almost guaranteed more energy

I say almost, because every patient I have who has done a Pill detox with me, has increased their daily energy. Of course, there is bound to be an exception to this rule out there, however, of all the detoxes, this one has been the most consistent in helping women regain their oomph.

I get internally excited when a patient needs a Pill detox because I know she is very likely going to say she has less anxiety, more energy, better skin, less stomach pains, and even less period pains.

That is the most ironic part of the whole detox. The Pill is prescribed for period pain, yet when you detox it, the period pain lessens or disappears altogether.

Now what does that say about the Pill?

The Pill leads to anxiety and depression

There are many articles out there stating this fact. I know this to be true because I ask when did your anxiety start? They almost always say after contraception. Sometimes it’s an immediate effect. Sometimes it’s a slow drip feed so the connection between the Pill and their anxiety which can lead onto depression, is never made.

How many anti-depressant prescriptions could be saved by the doctors just advising women to come off the Pill for a while to see if their mental and emotional state improves?

What’s a Pill detox?

A Pill detox course lasts two months and uses a specific remedy that detoxes contraception. Its doesn’t do anything else at all, just that. If you have any anxiety or depression issues I add in a specific remedy for you according to details, eg what makes you anxious, how does that physically feel, what are your triggers, etc.

Women get an increase in energy, headaches and migraines disappear, stomach issues, anxiety and depression subside or disappear altogether.

If this sounds like you might be interested in this but want to find out more, book a 15 min chat with me and we can discuss your case further and you can ask any questions you want about how it works, and how it might effect you for the better.

Take back control of your body from pharmaceutical hormones and heal properly for good.