How to heal HPV Gardasil/Cervarix vaccine side effects with a program

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problems after Gardasil

This is Keira’ s true story of how the HPV vaccine’s side effects devastated Keira and the story of her full recovery using homeopathy. She did an HPV/Meningitis C/Flu vaccine detox program followed by a poly metal detox program over 4 months.
I interviewed Keira and her mother Donica, to share with you that there is hope for those who have been injured by Gardasil or Cervarix.

Rita : Keira, what was your life like before and after the vaccine?

Keira: Before I was a fairly normal teenager. I absolutely loved school and I was a straight A student. I participated in clubs and even played wrestling. In terms of life outside of school I was not the most social person with only a small group of friends to keep me company, but I still managed to get out quite often to socialize with them. I mainly enjoyed spending time with family, reading, and working out.

Rita : What were your symptoms after the HPV vaccine?

Keira: My symptoms changed over the last two years. I started with severe leg pain and knots in my calves, that progressed to uncontrollable trembling of the calves, thighs, and triceps. From there, I began to experience freezing of my arms, legs, and back. There were also times I could not speak and think clearly like a fog would roll over my brain, which was quite dangerous as I would run into a street. My back would arch and, I started to experience horrible period and ovulation pains that would bring me to tears. Towards the later part of my treatment I had some very unpleasant migraines and high lactic acid levels about the same level as a marathon runner would experience at the end of a race. I had low vitamin D levels. Also my brain waves when I was symptomatic would register me asleep.

Keira at Disneyland, with her friends using a wheelchair due to pain and exhaustion caused by the HPV vaccine.

Rita : How long had you had the side effects? How did you make the link that it was the vaccine?

Keira: When I was first aware of my symptoms it was December of 2014 so about two years I was experiencing these symptoms.
I actually made the connection that it may be vaccine related through my chiropractor I was seeing to help deal with the pain and get me through wrestling season. She asked if there was any significant changes which happened in my life, and she asked about if I received any vaccinations specifically the HPV vaccine. I told her I did receive it close to the time I began to recognize my body behaving abnormally. She proceeded to research the vaccine and told me to look into the possibility of a vaccine injury.

Rita: How did you find out about other girls being affected and how did you find out about homeopathy?

Keira: After reading the articles my chiropractor printed out for me to look over, my mother began to look it up online and came across a lot of videos of girls who had similar symptoms as I had which they all claimed was due to the HPV vaccine.
I knew about homeopathy a bit due to learning about it briefly in my Bio-med class, but I did not know much about it until mom stumbled across it while researching the vaccine.

Donica: I have never been exposed to homeopathic treatments before. I had been researching Keira’s medical issues and I stumbled upon you. I contacted you out of a desperation to try almost anything to help my daughter.

Rita: What was your initial feeling about trying homeopathy?

Keira: At that time I was very doubtful. I was thinking how could natural remedies really repair my body into proper working conditions, but I was willing to take the chance at that point, because it could not do any more harm than my body was doing to itself.

Donica: I did research on what you wanted my daughter start up on to build up her system and even tried them on myself to make sure all was good. When the first batch of medicine came to our house and I saw all these white little pills that all looked the same I was worried. It was a leap of faith for me to believe that these were not sugar pills. I was desperate and willing to put my faith in the process. I am glad we did because my daughter is back to a healthy thriving young lady

Rita: What did you notice at the start of the program/during the program?

Donica: From the start you listened, asked questions, and showed true concern for what my daughter was going through.
Keira: Sadly at the beginning I did not feel that I was making any progress with only slight changes to my symptoms.
I had to keep reminding myself that I could not expect big changes in a month, that I had to focus on the small victories which was hard because sometimes I even felt like I was moving backwards instead of forward.
So during the very beginning I was discouraged, but luckily Rita would reassure me that I was making progress and would explain why these small changes were significant.

Rita: Would you recommend this treatment to other HPV injured girls?

Keira: I would recommend this treatment to other girls experiencing side effects of the HPV vaccine.
It helped improve my quality of life so much within the time frame of this treatment.
I hope that others girls and families would look into this treatment further.

“You dealt with everything we brought to you – headaches, stomach cramping, seizures, and FND issues.
I know she will still have issues in the future, but she is healthy right now. That gives us hope that no matter what issues come up due to the vaccine injury we have someone we are 100% confident in that will be able to treat the issue at hand.
No words can express how grateful I am that we found you. You are the life line we needed – Thank you “Donica, Keira's mother

Rita: Thank you so much Keira and Donica for sharing your vaccine injury story with me and the readers looking for a possible solution to what can be a very long road.

Keira used my homeopathic detox program which detoxed the HPV vaccine , Flu and Meningitis C vaccines which she had all within a year of each other.
After detoxing those her remaining symptoms pointed towards a metal detox which completed her case.
I have treated over 90 girls in a year for HPV vaccine injury alone. This case is just one of many.