Gardasil vaccine injury healed in 3 months – yes really!

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This is a really simple case of how a girl with 12 symptoms which started after 3 doses of the HPV vaccine was healed completely in 3 months with a homeopathy detox program.

I haven't written a blog case in aaaagggges, so since this case was over and done with so quickly I am going to keep the blog post simple too.

Nelly came to me with these symptoms:

Stomach pain
Frequent urination
Back pain
Kidney pain
Bone aches in her legs
Aching arms
Knee pain
Elbow and wrist pain
Dizzy on standing

What was CRUCIAL I think to the speed of her case was that she was fully committed to her healing. She was taking responsibility and was fully involved.
You might think, well my daughter is a bit too young for that.
I've seen some really young girls with a kick-ass attitude.
It's this attitude that speeds everything up.

Most girls I see are exhausted, fed up, lost faith... and you know... that's completely OK and understandable. Homeopathy detoxing still works, it just takes a bit longer because that's the body's frequency right now. It requires extra TLC, patience and nourishment.

Nelly was in a lot of pain, but it was her attitude and perseverance. She knew she was going to beat this and was going to do what ever it took. It didn't matter if she couldn't remember anything well, or remember details - Nelly was determined, fully present and ready to go. Even through her chronic fatigue.

After the first month of detoxing the vaccine:

Her headaches became less frequent
She had less stomach pain.
Her back pain, leg pain, arm pain, knee pain, elbow and wrist pain all disappeared.
She was not urinating as frequently
Her dizziness on standing disappeared.

Nelly found the first 2 weeks quite intense and tiring but she didn't struggle. She started to feel much better after that initial challenge.

After that I focused on her parathyroid and adrenals only.

After a month of that she was back to normal health.

Now don't get me wrong, not each Gardasil detox case is that fast. Some take a few months like this, some 6 months and some over a year - but progressing every month.

It depends on the symptoms, how long you have had them... and really crucially - attitude and determination.

Vaccine injury can make you feel helpless and in complete despair.
I know - I am vaccine injured too.

But if you keep going, have faith and are really determined to succeed - you will. It's nature law.

Homepathy helps you take BACK CONTROL of your health and not become dependant on synthetic meds that caused the issues in the first place.

If you are affected by vaccine injury and feel this approach interests you, you can book a 10 min chat or email me from my contact page.

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You know, you can heal.... I've now dealt with well over 200 vaccine injured children. I hope you can be another one.

Good luck on your healing path... contact me if we sound like a good fit.

Rita x

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