The A&E (ER) work rota for a UK doctor is unworkable

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I’ve seen the work rota for a UK doctor working in A&E (ER) and it’s ridiculous.
The next time you end up in Accident and Emergency in a UK hospital – before you may criticise them for your treatment – be grateful and blessed that they are actually present to see you. I have many friends who work as doctors and nurses – one of my friends who will remain anonymous – I’ll call him Andrew, showed me his work rota which he is absolutely dreading, for fear of his own health and those he is treating.

Simply put, Andrew is given a time schedule that changes every 3 days. I always thought if you work night shift, they are set long term , so your body gets used to an upside-down pattern. These doctors are changing time patterns every 3 days – not alternate patterns, but totally different hours and some patterns are so difficult that they are very sleep deprived. They just cannot get the sleep they need.

This means that they are constantly anxious, that in their exhaustion that they will miss something very important. They are dealing with life and death situations. Wouldn’t it make sense that in high dependancy situations that all staff are well rested?

Andrew says doctors have complained but no one is listening.

The ridiculousness of the situation kind of leaves you speechless. Truck drivers, pilots have strict rest policies. Why not doctors dealing with critical situations in a understaffed workzone?

My big question to you is this:

If the NHS ( and when I talk about the NHS I am talking about it as a structure with the management, ruling, policies, etc., not the caring staff who don’t make any rules)…If the NHS treat their KEY STAFF in this way…

Do you think they have your best interests at heart?
In all situations?

And this is the question you need to ask yourself. Do you need to start looking at alternative treatments for your health? Treatments that are made by practitioners whose whole practice depend upon results, reputation and word of mouth?

Do you need to start taking ownership and more control over your health so that you don’t END UP in A&E/ ER/ out of hours surgery / chronic illness departments putting your life in the hands of someone who hasn’t had adequate rest in 3 days?

Food for thought.

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Let’s all help take the pressure off the NHS and the doctors – let’s start taking some responsibility over our own health. It’s easier than you think.

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I hope this has given you food for thought.

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I wish you all a happy, super healthy new year to you all.
Rita x