How to get off long term painkillers and lose weight


Are you on painkillers daily for arthritis and is your health declining? Read on...

Michelle suffered from arthritis for over 20 years. There is no cure from modern medicine for arthritis.

The only thing the doctors can prescribe are painkillers and anti-inflammatories.

The problem with using these two drugs long term is that the body gets used to them.

Inevitably, you end up taking more and more painkillers, increasing your dosage and strength. Meanwhile the actual cause of the pain has not shifted in any way. Nobody has addressed the actual problem - what is causing the pain in the joints.

Daily painkillers have a huge long term effect on the liver which has to process these man-made drugs. They also have consequences on the gut - which is only designed to process natural food substances.

You end up with more problems then when you started.

Michelle suffered for decades with high levels of inflammation in her body, and arthritis in most of her joints mainly in the knees, hands, shoulders, upper and lower back.

This was her daily regimen for over 20 years:

  • Co-codamol 8 x 500 mg daily high dose
  • Inflammatory naproxen 2 x daily
  • Anti-depressants with a sedative called Mitrazapine 1 x daily
  • Lansoprazole 1 x daily
  • HRT 1 x daily

  Michelle came off came off all her meds apart from HRT two weeks before she started the detox. She started getting really bad withdrawal symptoms such as shakes, headaches and nausea.

Detoxing painkillers actually reduces pain - what does that say about what those drugs are actually doing to your body?

I prescribed a Co-codamol detox over 2 months with liver supports to help ease the toxins out of her body. She took this detox with a constitutional remedy which matched her arthritic symptoms.

Michelle saw positive results very quickly during the detox, even though she is still on HRT.

Within 20 minutes of taking the first Co-codamol detox pill her was headache she had for a week had gone!

"All inflammation gone!

Hardly any pain sleeping now.

I am going to the toilet regularly now for the first time ever and I have lost a stone in weight in 5 weeks."

This is not a one off.

This isn't a co-incidence.

I am detoxing drugs that people have used for long periods of time constantly. I detox Tylenol/Calpol in children and see improvements in long term stomach issues and constipation.

I detox anti-sickness meds, paracetamol, aspirin, anti depressants, contraceptive pill, etc, and see original complaints disappear.

This is Michelle's story. I hope her words reach out and touch someone else wanting another way to treat their pain.

It can be your story too. If you have been on long term medicines you can still heal.

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