My own story

You have a child who you suspect could be vaccine injured - you aren't completely sure about it but you want to investigate down this road.

You may have already tried biomed, supplements, camels milk, ion baths, chelation, seen gains or not.

You've heard about detoxing vaccines in Facebook groups and from friends and this is something you haven't done yet.

I am here to hold you hand and answer any questions you have about this. I want you to know that it's normally a complex soup of issues that have caused your child's health problems and I can help you unravel the situation.

I am Rita, a mother of two boys, a curious explorer of the world who loves to travel and connect with people.

I am a qualified and licensed homeopath, a teacher, a mentor and art journalling enthusiast.

I became one of the world's leading homeopaths of Gardasil injured patients, but today I specialise in the autism spectrum. Through this my clinic grew to the point that I needed a team for my waitlist. I now head up one of the busiest homeopathic clinics in the world with the best homeopathic team I know.

I am the co-creator of the Home Prescribers Academy, where we taught over 500 mums to use home homeopathy kits, many of whom have never been to the doctors since.

I am constantly looking for new techniques, new remedies and solutions for my clients.

I created a formula milk trial which resulted in a new poly formula milk remedy being available globally in homeopathic pharmacies.

My true purpose is to heal those who suspect they maybe vaccine injured or have autism and facilitate healing. These are cases where modern medicine and doctors have not been able to offer any solution. I am here to heal as many children as I can.

Having taught in infant classrooms for around 20 years I have experience of observing children from different perspectives. This really helps me view my autism cases with a clarity to maker deeper and wider assessments.

I am actually vaccine injured myself.

I understand the frustration of searching for years for a cause of chronic pain, taking numerous prescriptions that do not work, searching in vain for experts and conventional doctors who can offer an end to pain. I have been told that chronic pain is "normal" and "just part of being a woman".

Well I am here to say that I do not agree with chronic pain, it should not be tolerated and that there is another way to heal.

I aim to be the homeopath that I always wanted for myself. Someone who will keep searching to find the right answer for you, who understands your complicated journey, and as a mother, knows the anguish of trying to sort your child out once and for all. I am easily reached, here to advise, guide and hold your hand while you finally get well.

I get just as excited as my patients when I hear they are recovering. It's a pleasure and a privilege to walk with you on your path to complete wellness.


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