All early detoxes will have organ support within them. Many will have nux, sulphur, berberis, hydrastis. They are the most common.
If you cannot get in contact with me then this is the rule:

If your child is getting itchy skin symptoms, the liver needs support detoxing. Use a Sulphur 6c pill in water and stir and sip 5/6 times in a day. If its a Saturday then continue 3/4 times on the Sunday too. Use the same glass. If you get to an inch left of water- refill. Don’t let the glass run out.

If your child is slightly more angry than usual use the same method with a nux 6c pill.

These are the most common aggravations and happen very rarely. This method always helps.

Other signs of detox could be increased mucus ( which removes toxins from the body), spots, tiredness.

Please note that not every change is from detox. You can still pick up tummy bugs, colds, fevers, viruses anyway. Not every change is attributed to the detox. Stuff just happens too.

If you are concerned and a new symptom develops and you need support – try Kathryn and Nicola. If using messenger then take a photo of my letter to show them.