My story of healing autism by detoxing vaccines.

This is Isaac’s true story, told by his mum Ida, of how he was injured by a vaccine then developed autism symptoms, but is now recovering using a homeopathic vaccine detox program. It serves to give hope to all vaccine injured children that there is a way to heal effectively from vaccine injury.

Rita: So Ida, what happened at the beginning?

Ida: Below is a pic of my son Isaac before his vaccine injury as a baby…. he was babbling, making eye contact, smiling, playing peek a boo…. just everything a normal happy baby would do.

Ida: When he was around 9 or 10 months old he received a flu vaccination. At the time I had no idea about about vaccine injuries, autism, or any of that. I trusted the doctor we were seeing at the time because I believed he knew what was best for my child.
After all….. he was the one who went to school for this right? He knew what was in these vaccines right?
Boy was I so, so wrong!

Here is a picture below of my sweet baby after vaccines.

Ida: He had lost every milestone he had ever had! No eye contact whatsoever!
You could say his name over and over and he’d never respond. He would just stare. Almost as if he would look right through you…… very disturbing and very heartbreaking.
The doctor we were seeing at the time was no help at all so we left that doc immediately, and found another that knew lots about autism.
We were finally on our way to help heal from all this damage that had been done. We did lots and lots of testing on him: one of the heavy metals tests showed he had extremely high levels of mercury in his tiny little body.
The doctor immediately wanted to chelate him. After chelation the levels did drop.

Ida: We did 3 years of biomed with lots of healing. Hbot, supplements, diet, you name it we have tried it!
We’ve had lots of help on our way, and couldn’t thank everyone enough on our journey. His therapists: Autism Health in Beckley, WV, they’ve all played a part in helping to heal him.

Rita: So how did you come across homeopathy?

Ida: About 8 weeks ago, I decided it was time to try something new which I had been wanting to try since the beginning of our journey. I met a friend through the Vaxxed tour. I told her about our story, and that I had always wanted to try homeopathy to help heal Isaac. She recommended Rita, and we went from there. Rita knew exactly what Isaac needed. We did a full vaccine detox on him.

Rita: What did the homeopathy detox do for Isaac?

Ida: Immediately after starting the detox Isaac was saying so much more!
His eye contact was amazing!
His attention had never been this good!
I was getting his smile back!
He’s playing with his brother!
He’s able to tolerate being around more people, and here is the best part – this child who was not interested in potty whatsoever, (we weren’t practicing at all), was fully potty trained in 6 weeks of the vaccine detox!
He did it all himself!
I didn’t prompt him, he just starting doing it all on his own. He is doing it like he’s done it for years. I just couldn’t believe it!
I’m so proud of him. I cried just watching him make these milestones that he should have made years ago until he was damaged. We still have a ways to go but he is getting there.

Ida: I couldn’t thank Rita enough for all she has done to help us so far.
This boy is getting his smile back.
Those that haven’t tried homeopathy… you need to try it!
Healing – it’s possible.
And having faith.
We have prayed for Isaac since day one of this!

Rita: Thank you Ida for sharing your story and giving hope to other mothers whose children developed autism symptoms since vaccination. Homeopathy can offer healing in a different way to chelation. It is easy to administer, the pills are tiny and sweet for children who do not like supplements. It may be vaccines that contributed to your child’s autism symptoms. Others say symptoms worsened with anaesthetic procedures, antibiotics and other medicines. These can all be specifically detoxed using a homeopathic detox program, which is something conventional medicine cannot offer.

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HPV- Gardasil and Cervarix Injury New Criteria Guidelines

If you are a Gardasil injured person looking to book in, please read this new criteria first.

As we are the most experienced homeopathic team dealing with this type of case, we have decided to only take on clients who fit the new criteria below. If you do not fit the criteria below then homeopathy can still work for you, but we are not the right therapists for you.

1. The patient has to be committed to healing themselves and understand that they are fully responsible for their health.


That the patient doesn’t rely on us and the pills to do all the work. To understand that their lifestyle choices will speed up or impair recovery and that no medicine can be a substitute for lifestyle choices that hinder recovery. At the end of the day, we are all responsible for ourselves, and the choices we make.

2. To begin working with us the patient has to have in place or commit to having a clean sleep routine.

This means going to sleep with the lights out by 10 pm the latest and being on no devices an hour beforehand. All of our patients have adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues. When you go to bed late or are on devices late, then too much light is being emitted from phones/tablets a few inches from your eyes. That amount of bright light signals the body to make more adrenaline because it thinks it’s in the afternoon and that then creates more cortisol that prevents sleep and makes you tired in the morning. Melatonin and pineal levels are messed up too. Our patients have severely imbalanced hormones, and melatonin, the pineal gland, adrenals and the thyroid all need to be in balance to recover. If your sleep cycle is out, you don’t need pills to correct it – you just need to get a clean sleep routine and your body will get into balance in a couple of days. What you do when you are recovered is up to you – but if you want to work with us, this is a non-negotiable requirement.

3. You are not on the contraceptive pill or are on steroid inhalers.

These are synthetic hormones and are a big block to curing. When someone is on these, we can’t really get started as they are contributing to the hormones being unbalanced. We can work with you if you intend to come off the pill before your prescription starts or if you intend to come off inhalers before we start detoxing. We cannot start detoxing or bring you to a full recovery unless these 2 medicines are out of the picture. We can help with period pain, and asthma anyway in the prescriptions. If you are fully reliant on these medicines then we are not the therapists for you.

4. You have a good diet and eat vegetables.

What you eat affects your health. A lot of the imbalance in the body centres in the stomach. This doesn’t mean you have stomach pains – but your microbiome is key to healing. We are looking for patients who eat some vegetables and fruits. We cannot work with patients who just eat processed food and no fruits and vegetables at all. We can work with patients who have a limited diet but are committed to eating a wider variety of healthy foods. If you don’t meet this criteria it will take too long to help you fully recover and we will only get halfway.

5. If you are on prescribed medicines it is your wish and intention to get off them.

Some patients want to stay on medication while asking us to fully heal them. All medicines come with side effects, which we can’t heal while the patient is on them, therefore we are being asked to do an impossible task. Of course, we see many patients on meds and they end up reducing their dosage and not needing them. They actively don’t want to be on them. If you are happy with any medicines and want to stay on them, then we are not the therapists for you. We are interested in working with people who want to be fully and holistically well, and only then can we work to the best of our ability.


If you fulfil this criteria then we are confident that we can heal the majority of patients in 1-3 sessions.