Work directly with me

CLICK HERE TO ADD YOUR NAME TO MY WAITLIST TO WORK 121 WITH ME.If you don't wish to wait and want to get started, please book with my team below and I will still write the prescription

  • Initial consultation for any type of appointment working directly with me £190

    Up to 60 mins - Except Gardasil cases. £90 of medicine and post included. (approx $229)

  • Follow up appointments working directly with me £150

    Up to 30 mins - Scheduled every 10 weeks apart. £90 of medicines and post included. (approx $190)

Work with me via my team

I currently have a waitlist of around 65 people so I had to find a way to see more patients faster.

This is my solution for you and hundreds of patients are healing with me this way.

My team are

  • Kathryn Voss
  • Siobhan Melia
  • Grainne Flanagan
  • Helen Fox

They will ask you all the questions I would ask, and take detailed notes. I then discuss your case with them.

I create and write your prescription. You are my patient.

Working with my team means you can be seen faster and start healing quicker.

My aim is to make working with me accessible for everyone.

Book with Kathryn on my team
Book with Siobhan on my team
Book with Grainne on my team
Book with Helen on my team

Medicines and postage for consults

  • Initial consultation with my team £139

    Up to 60 mins - (Excluding Gardasil cases) including £90 of medicine (approx $157)

  • HPV vaccine : Gardasil/Cervarix side effects recovery program £600

    This includes an initial consultation lasting up to 60 minutes and two follow up consultations lasting up to 30 mins each. 3 prescriptions lasting 8-10 weeks each. Remedies and shipping included. Please ensure you have read the new criteria guidelines before booking in here. (approx $700)

  • Follow up appointments with my team £119

    Up to 30 mins - Scheduled every 9/10 weeks apart, including £90 of medicine (approx $142)

Prices include remedies worth an average of £90 ( about $105) and postage because you have enough to deal with already.

You pay for the consultation and we provide the prescription free for the majority of cases. The prescription lasts 8-10 weeks.

If you cannot receive normal post due to country restrictions you can order the prescription via a pharmacy that you locate online.

Courier is not available.
We do not post to UAE or SA or Mauritius or Qatar or Africa or Sweden because our post doesn't arrive or gets opened and returned by customs there.

Alternatively I can also send a prescription for you to order in the US if you need it faster.

Send me an email here, I will get back to you really quickly because I know you need to start healing fast.

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