Detoxing – the earlier the better

This is a simple case which answers the common question : Is my child too young to detox? The answer is a big fat no! Just do it!
Here I interview Andrea who detoxed her son with fantastic results.

I have changed her son’s name for privacy. 


Rita: So Andrea, what was your first impression of homeopathy?


Andrea: My first thoughts years ago were that I did not understand it. No one that i knew used it or talked about it. My paediatrician gave me the remedy for croup to use last year and I was happy to use anything natural.


Rita: So how did you come about detoxing?


Andrea: I started researching vaccine injuries and came across your page. You have taught me everything. We had our first appointment and I trusted you.


Rita: We started treating Wesley at 13 months old. You said you were concerned because he didn’t point or shake his head. His verbal skills were a concern. His stools were not great and you knew something wasn’t quite right.


Andrea: He stopped talking around his 6 months DTaP vaccines. He threw up, had a stuffy nose, a dry cough, and never made verbal sounds again.


Rita: So I started with a constitutional remedy which i don’t always do.. and I remember you had improvements immediately.


Andrea: Within 24 hours he had fully digested stool, began using his voice ( a lot!). At 13 months he only had two teeth, and within 7 days the top two ones started to break through. He has an overall mood increase. I can only describe it as a fog lifted from his brain.


Rita: So we boosted his immune and started everything working well before the vaccine detox. He made a great start.


Andrea: When we started the vaccine detox the only time he stopped babbling was when when he was sleeping! When we had finished he had begun standing and walking without assistance and had four teeth about to break through.


Rita: Then sometime passed and you let healing just take its natural course. Then we did something I haven’t done before or since – you both did an ultrasound detox – together.


Andrea: I estimated about 10 ultrasounds, 3 of these were structural and lasted about 30 minutes each, I assume I have 1 hour 45 minutes worth of sound waves in our bodies.


Rita: Wow, when you put it like that that really makes you think.


Andrea: There were so many breakthroughs it’s hard to keep the list concise. He began dancing to music and giving kisses, said dada and hello, walking on tiptoes, babbling, spinning in circles, new levels of awareness, new curiosity of how things work, back to sleeping 12 hours a night, said hi and bye, squealing with excitement, said mama, stacking boxes, waving bye-bye, laughing hysterically, did hand motions with me during a song, started running, and pointed to his nose when I asked him to.


When we started he was very overwhelmed around groups, now he is completely fine!


My own improvements were weight-loss and fewer headaches.


Rita: Who would have thought ultrasound detox would have such an amazing impact on your son and weight-loss for you! Incredible. We still don’t know the full extent of ultrasounds. I do know that many other parents see huge gains from doing them.

I am so super happy about the complete turnaround for Wesley. I hope that this post will inspire other mum’s to try a detox. What’s next for you?


Andrea: Well you told me to buy a kit and a book. That’s when I really started learning about the power of homeopathy. Mary Aspinwall has a learning group and I just kept reading. I became a sponge when invested! The bottom line is as an American, all they push is prescriptions and Tylenol over here.


Rita: I am glad you finally found an alternative to those things and came over to my homeopathy academy where we teach you how to use a kit for simple acute problems. Now you have everything you need.


Andrea: Wesley is perfect now.


Rita: It has been more than a joy working with you both. I am so happy for you two. Thank you so much for sharing your story to give other mothers hope of recovery.


** The homeopathy academy is now closed as there are not enough hours in the day anymore to run this. However, the video course Andrea did in the Academy is still available if you email me, with access to a different support group of mothers who have completed the video course to provide peer support.

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HPV- Gardasil and Cervarix Injury New Criteria Guidelines

If you are a Gardasil injured person looking to book in, please read this new criteria first.

As we are the most experienced homeopathic team dealing with this type of case, we have decided to only take on clients who fit the new criteria below. If you do not fit the criteria below then homeopathy can still work for you, but we are not the right therapists for you.

1. The patient has to be committed to healing themselves and understand that they are fully responsible for their health.


That the patient doesn’t rely on us and the pills to do all the work. To understand that their lifestyle choices will speed up or impair recovery and that no medicine can be a substitute for lifestyle choices that hinder recovery. At the end of the day, we are all responsible for ourselves, and the choices we make.

2. To begin working with us the patient has to have in place or commit to having a clean sleep routine.

This means going to sleep with the lights out by 10 pm the latest and being on no devices an hour beforehand. All of our patients have adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues. When you go to bed late or are on devices late, then too much light is being emitted from phones/tablets a few inches from your eyes. That amount of bright light signals the body to make more adrenaline because it thinks it’s in the afternoon and that then creates more cortisol that prevents sleep and makes you tired in the morning. Melatonin and pineal levels are messed up too. Our patients have severely imbalanced hormones, and melatonin, the pineal gland, adrenals and the thyroid all need to be in balance to recover. If your sleep cycle is out, you don’t need pills to correct it – you just need to get a clean sleep routine and your body will get into balance in a couple of days. What you do when you are recovered is up to you – but if you want to work with us, this is a non-negotiable requirement.

3. You are not on the contraceptive pill or are on steroid inhalers.

These are synthetic hormones and are a big block to curing. When someone is on these, we can’t really get started as they are contributing to the hormones being unbalanced. We can work with you if you intend to come off the pill before your prescription starts or if you intend to come off inhalers before we start detoxing. We cannot start detoxing or bring you to a full recovery unless these 2 medicines are out of the picture. We can help with period pain, and asthma anyway in the prescriptions. If you are fully reliant on these medicines then we are not the therapists for you.

4. You have a good diet and eat vegetables.

What you eat affects your health. A lot of the imbalance in the body centres in the stomach. This doesn’t mean you have stomach pains – but your microbiome is key to healing. We are looking for patients who eat some vegetables and fruits. We cannot work with patients who just eat processed food and no fruits and vegetables at all. We can work with patients who have a limited diet but are committed to eating a wider variety of healthy foods. If you don’t meet this criteria it will take too long to help you fully recover and we will only get halfway.

5. If you are on prescribed medicines it is your wish and intention to get off them.

Some patients want to stay on medication while asking us to fully heal them. All medicines come with side effects, which we can’t heal while the patient is on them, therefore we are being asked to do an impossible task. Of course, we see many patients on meds and they end up reducing their dosage and not needing them. They actively don’t want to be on them. If you are happy with any medicines and want to stay on them, then we are not the therapists for you. We are interested in working with people who want to be fully and holistically well, and only then can we work to the best of our ability.


If you fulfil this criteria then we are confident that we can heal the majority of patients in 1-3 sessions.