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Conventional medicine do recognise vaccine damage caused by vaccines however this is very rare. It is not in their interests to do so. If there is widespread news of vaccines causing damage there will be a drop in the number of people consenting. It does not cause damage in all people, so this is hard to prove. However there are compensation programs for vaccine injury from governments. The problem is all vaccine companies are free from liability from governments, otherwise they would have so many lawsuits the companies would have to stop making them.

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You will need an initial consultation to get started which takes up to an hour and then follow ups sessions last last up to 30 minutes, every 9 weeks if you are in the UK and every 10-11 weeks if you are outside the UK – 2 weeks are added on for shipping. Most people receive 8-9 weeks of treatment as a general rule and there are exceptions. Prices are different for my team and for working with myself one to one. These prices include approximately £90 worth of remedies. Some homeopaths ask you to order the prescription yourself independently. Our method allows us complete freedom to prescribe rare remedies and remedies from multiple worldwide pharmacies.

Homeopathy does not interfere with any medications – it works on a different level.
However, most people I see have livers that need some TLC. Certain medicines will slow down the progress of getting fully well, it can hinder progress. If there are side effects caused by your medicines, I cannot treat those. Your body is giving you clear signs that it is not happy on those drugs, so it expresses itself with side effects. I cannot make your body happy taking substances it is giving you signs it is not happy ingesting daily. That is a sign for you to find another way that works for you.

You may find that as we work together you will need to lower your dosage of prescription medicines and you will find that you no longer need them. This does take time and patience and commitment.

If you are taking other homeopathic remedies, supplements, etc that is another matter.

This depends on a few things.

Firstly, do you know what each supplement is doing for you? if you were prescribed several supplements at once and took them all at the same time, chances are you don’t know what is doing what. if you don’t know, it’s best to stop them while taking homeopathy.

If you are deoendant on 1-3 and you know what they are doing for you and you have been on the quite a while, it’s quite alright to contunue doing so.

If you have decided to start supplements or another therapy at the same time as starting my treatment that won’t work well. You won’t know what is helping and both therapies will be a waste of your time. Homeopathy often gets blamed for the unfortunaely affects of other therapies, which causes much confusion and incorrect conclusions.

Chinese herbs, and acupuncture work well alongside homeopathy.

I do have a strict policy of not working with clients who are taking TRS spray. I accept that it works very well for many people, but I have only seen unwanted effects when taking it prior or alongside homeopathy. 

Homeopathy is based on a “like cures like” basis. It’s natural and a method that is used globally for over 200 years.

So using this like cures like phrase, if you were to come to me with problems getting to sleep, I might give you Coffea, which is homeopathic coffee. The coffee grounds have been super diluted, so many times that if you were to look under a microscope – you would not see any coffee pieces. 

However, water has memory – scientists have showed us this. So a substance in its super diluted form can heal the harm it causes in its solid form. So, as coffee causes you to be awake at night, when its super diluted in homeopathic form, it will help you to sleep instead. The remedy does the opposite of the substance in its solid form. Where the solid causes harm, the diluted version heals and does the exact opposite.

Sounds a bit crazy, but it definitely works. It’s based on nano – technology. Pieces that are too small for microscopes to pick up. 

I give remedies based on the description of the symptoms not the label or the diagnosis.

People with the same label/diagnosis can all experience sickness in a totally different way. For example someone with IBS can have pain during eating, and another can have pain after eating. They both have IBS but need different prescriptions.

The pills help the body to heal itself so that in the end you will not be dependant on my pills to be healthy. The remedies aim to heal the symptoms for good. It’s like putting a key into the door – homeopathy opens the door for your body to heal itself. You do the work.

If you are detoxing a substance, eg a medicine, a metal, a vaccine, that substance is super diluted by a homeopathic pharmacy. It is diluted to the point that if you looked under a microscope you would not see any of the original solid substance. They are diluted up to 30, 200, 1000, 10,000 times. At this point we are working with the imprint of the energy of the substance in the memory of the water.

This is why its safe for pregnancy, newborns, pre-term babies, chronically ill and very fragile elderly.

That is why detoxing using homeopathy is a specific detox. You are not just depending on detox pathways in the body to open up. Homeopath helps to neutralise negative and unwanted effects of medicines and diseases.

It can also help build a person up to be stronger, strengthen their immune and be well.

And that is just an explanation for physical symptoms.

Homeopathy also helps the mental and emotional symptoms of a person. Homeopathy isn’t just about detoxing. It’s about find remedies that match one’s mental and emotional state, so they can free themselves to be the best version of themselves.

It can help resolve grief, heartbreak, suppressed anger, anxiety, homesickness for some examples. It can help you become whole again.

99% of my clients and those of my team are all over the world. We all became so busy using video call we no longer have clinic rooms for face to face clients.

I got rid of my comfy chairs, and turned that into desk space. 

I also found that so many of my clients had autism symptoms that seeing those children in my small room was not a comfortable environment for the parents and the child with lamps, plug sockets, computer wires and my books laying around. My clients prefer to see me at home. It’s a win-win for most of the people I see.

For video call we currently use, Skype, FaceTime or Facebook Messenger. 

We do not use Whatsapp or Teams. You can send us a Zoom link if that works for you.

You don’t need to have many strong symptoms to detox a vaccine. I have detoxed children from their childhood vaccine schedule and it has helped them sleep, and stopped headaches and stomach aches for example.
I recommend all children who have been vaccinated to detox them to strengthen their system for the long-term.

Babies have severe reactions to vaccines. They can be detoxed using a simpler method. You can put the pills in water and give them a teaspoon of water, or crush them between two spoons into a powder. It’s easy to administer. The youngest baby I have detoxed is 2 months old. They have shorter prescriptions.

Yes I still do treat some for side effects of chemo and radiation, post operative and side effects from hormonal drugs such as Tamoxifen.
I spent over a year working at a cancer centre but I am now drawn to working with other types of cases.

The detox program doesn’t get rid of the immunisations. It gets rid of the side effects it causes. They will still be immunised. However, I suggest you research into the effects of vaccines. Vaccines won’t stop you getting a disease altogether, but aims to minimise the risks. They are not 100% effective in every person either, so bear that in mind.

I have a team because I had a constantly waiting list of 60 people I could not shift no matter how fast I worked.
My team are here to help patients get seen quicker.
They are hand picked homeopaths who will ask all the questions I would ask. They know when to ask more details, and what is crucial information for me.
The day after your call I discuss the cases face to face with my team, I look at your notes and we make up your prescription. I oversee 100% of all my team cases, but my team respind to your emails and queries.
Your program is either posted by myself or my team.
Either way I am doing the prescribing.
My team makes it more affordable and 3/4 of my patients are seen this way.
See my Facebook and IG feed, and the testimonial page here on here for stories, texts and messages from patients seeing my team.

A single detox program of a vaccine or medicine or metal takes 2 months. Some people are better after that. Some are weak and need organ support for a month beforehand. Others may need other vaccines, medicines detoxing afterwards. Each case is individual. 90% of my patients stay with me after the first month as they keep seeing improvements each month.

If you have been sick for many years I would expect it to take several sessions. Normally the sicker you are, the longer it will take.

An acute paper cut takes a day or so to heal. A deep cut takes takes 6 weeks to heal completely so you don’t see any scar, and that is the speed of nature. Years or even decades of pain and emotional turmoil and going to need persistent attention. That is just how life works.

Babies are the quickest to heal in most cases.

Asthma and eczema takes only 1-3 sessions on average.

I would prefer that you don’t book in if you just want one single appointment only for a long list of symptoms, or if you have had this for years. The expectation is too great to meet.

However, everyone is individual. Your diet, lifestyle, sleep routine will all impact the speed of healing and that’s something I cannot bypass, but needs to be taken into consideration if you are looking to be healing in 8 weeks.

However, I’ve seen patients who I think will take several years to heal and have healed in one session and vice versa. 
Why? That’s life. That’s nature.

If you are wondering how long to heal speech – again , that is a gentle process that take time. We are healing trying to heal brain trauma without doing brain surgery. The progress builds and builds. It is one of the main symptoms parents come to me to heal, with very unrealistic expectations. However, the younger the better. if you have a child under 3 years old, thats the golden time, don’t wait for me or a diagnosis – just get on with healing first with my team.

I will ask you about your symptoms and will ask you about things you may not think are connected to your problem. I will ask about every part of your body, your sleep, diet, and medical history. Your child must be present at each session for a short while.

Yes your child has to be present in the room for every session, if they see me or my team. If your child is non verbal we need to see them play or move, so please make sure the TV is turned off and the i-pad is out of reach, otherwise the observation is void.

If your child is able to sit and chat to me for 10 minutes it will help the case because the way they describe their pain and symptoms is helpful to finding the right remedies. In most sessions I get all the info I really need in the few minutes I’m watching the child, the rest of the session is spent chatting to the parent confirming my observations.

No matter how much you know them, you cannot fully represent them as a patient. We are looking for the way they move, their facial expressions, the way they sound, if they are shy or confident, if they hide behind you, what they like playing with, etc. All this information helps us choose the right remedies.

If your child has anxiety about talking to strangers then they can sit off camera and you can relay the answers to me. Just seeing this, helps us to prescribe better.

Homeopathy deals with mental and emotional symptoms along with physicals, so the sessions can be a little like counselling / therapy sessions for many. We ask that children that are happy enough are left by themselves for a short time so we can get to the heart of what’s bothering them without the parent talking over them and talking for them. This of course depends on each patient and their case.

All patients over 18 must be seen alone without an adult present.

It is a different experience compared to a doctors appointment.

CEASE is just a style of prescribing. It was based on giving one substance ( vaccine, medicine that needs detoxing) at one potency for a few weeks before increasing. This method involves one vaccine at a time ( although some CEASE practitioners are now using poly vaccines themselves). This is a very long winded process.

HDT is a method by Ton Jansen which takes CEASE further forward. It uses a potency for 2 weeks and then you increase it. It also uses poly vaccines as well as single vaccines. It is faster and just as effective.

I really use my own method based sometimes on HDT. I give a lot of support remedies, I also use other constitutional ” personality” remedies to help boost the immune and make the process time effective.

For very complex cases I use my own method which is a bit complex to explain and write out. One day I will write a book about it. Homeopaths don’t like to be boxed in by styles. Homeopathy is an art and a science.

No. I don’t give prophylaxis. I believe in using homeopathy only if symptoms are there. However, if there is an epidemic of a disease, let’s say mumps for example, I can give a specific remedy that may help give extra protection against it for that immediate situation.

No I am a general homeopath but I ended up specialising in detoxing, especially the HPV vaccine, after seeing over 750 Gardasil injured and now dealing with autism patients.
I often end up treating parents and their siblings for their illnesses which are totally different.

Sometimes I don’t detox people at all.

Yes. Half my clients are adults. It’s just that most of my clients stories I share on Instagram and Facebook are about children because of my autism specialism. Therefore, I attract more of those types of clients. 

I often end up seeing siblings, parents and grandparents of those initial children. 

Homeopathy is for the cradle to the grave.

Yes I do. They have proved very useful for many cases. 

If you have blood tests or other tests, we can use those results to monitor progress and inform prescriptions.

If you wish to have a hair test done while we work togetehr I suggest using the Toxic Metal Hair Test from Doctors Data in the USA via Amazon, and using TEE01 test from Regenerus Labs in the UK – which is the same test.

If you are in another country – try and Google Doctor’s Data Hair tests, as many countries use these ad they all ship to the lab in the USA. They are easy to use and interpry yourself and give high metals and also low minerals information.

If you book with my team then you remain with my team.

They will spend an hour discussing your mental, emotional and physical symptoms.
You will make a close relationship with them, opening up about many things in your past.
It is best that you remain with them.

Remember, that I am still prescribing and you are still my patient.

Your first point of contact will be my team during your time with us, and they will contact me if they can’t answer a question.

If you do change your mind then you have to put your name back on the waiting list and start again with an initial consultation with me. When you book with my team, your name is removed from my waitlist.

The waitlist varies from about a constant 25 people to 40 people at certain times of the year.

Once your name is on my list there are two ways of getting an appointment.

First come first served : On a Thursday and Friday I receive confirmation of who will be attending my clinic following Monday or Tuesday. If spaces become available due to cancellations/postponing/completions then I email the whole waitlist at once, as I have only a day to fill the new available space. Whoever responds and pays first gets that space. This means someone can jump the queue very quickly if they are flexible with time and check their emails regularly.

In order of the waitlist : If a space becomes free a week or more ahead of time, then the space is offered in order of the waitlist- everyone has 24 hours or less to respond and pay for the session before the next person is line contacted.

This is something I get asked a lot on Facebook, and is such a broad question that it’s quite hard to answer. I am a homeopath and, I prescribe homeopathy which are tiny natural sugar pills. You can find more information about homeopathy on this FAQ section.

We include up to £90 of remedies with postage included. Many homeopaths ask you to order your own remedies at your expense.

Our method allows us complete freedom to prescribe rare remedies and remedies from multiple worldwide pharmacies.


You you do not. Autism labels are not actually very useful to me. Every single child I see with this diagnosis has a different set of symptoms and strengths. The symptoms they have in common have different intensities, triggers, and frequency. No two prescriptions are alike. I treat the child not the label.

I work with many children on the spectrum who are not vaccinated. Working with me doesn’t just involve detoxing vaccines and medicines. I have many remedies to help autism symptoms. 

There is no answer for this. I cannot predict anything for anyone, on the spectrum or not. This depends on many things : age, sleep, diet, stress, home life, school life, family dynamics, interaction with your child, other therapies, medical history and so on.

Homeopathy is a part of the puzzle. Many other things need to be aligned to get quick progress and these things are out of my control and out of any therapist’s control whatever therapy you choose. Healing isn’t about pills – it’s about a whole healing system that takes into account the whole person.  If you are focussed on many aspects of your child’s life then the road should be easier. 

There is no quick fix for brain trauma. It takes time whatever method you choose. However, I am aiming to do my best in the shortest amount of time.

if you are aiming to do one session only… then I suggest that perhaps you consider not booking in. I work with people over a significant period of time – which is why I have a waitlist. People stay with me.

The symptoms didn’t come overnight, and chances are your child has had these issues for many years. So healing them in 2 months is unrealistic- for any therapy. One needs patience and to focus on the gentle consistent gains when trying to heal a child on the spectrum and realise we are in theory trying to do brain surgery without any tools. 

Homeopathy is based on teeny tiny sugar pills which are coated with super diluted substances which have no taste ( because they are so diluted many times over). This means they are very easy to take and many parents tell me the children look forward to taking them.

Fantastic! These are my favourite clients because we have the biggest chance of full reversal when we see the clients under 3 years old. The younger the better. Babies need very few sessions. Follow your mother’s instinct and focus on healing your child and not on waiting to get a label. The groove gets deeper each year that passes.

Gardasil Side Effects

Conventional medicine do recognise vaccine damage caused by vaccines however this is very rare. It is not in their interests to do so. If there is widespread news of vaccines causing damage there will be a drop in the number of people consenting. It does not cause damage in all people, so this is hard to prove.

In the UK if you can prove disability from vaccines the govenment pay out a lump sum of £120,000. Details available on the UK government website. In 2014, The Swine Flu vaccine caused brain damage in 60 people leading to a £60 million payout in the UK.

There is no conclusive reason yet.
I am seeing a pattern in many of my patients who were very ill as a baby/child and had their liver or kidneys affected.
Also many received a long course of antibiotics or strong medicines when young.
For some it is just a weakening of the immune system with an increased number of vaccines being given every few years- the effect is compounded.

Some children were close to burn out on taking the vaccine, with a high regime of sports activities which made them susceptible to the vaccine side effects which affects the adrenals, thyroid and other hormones.

Some people have none of the above and the reason is unknown.

This is my personal conclusion based on the cases I have taken.

Vaccines are here to stay in my lifetime, whether I agree with them or not. I believe in transparency of information given to parents and adults to make an informed decision about having a vaccine. I would like to see a list created of certain medical histories/illnesses people have which make it more risky to have vaccines instead of a blanket scheme. There needs to be more open discussion. No medical vaccines, or medications should be made mandatory when there are compensation schemes specifically for vaccine injury.

No, a homeopathic detox therapy program is not the same as vibrational drops. Homeopaths do not use a machine. They take your case and diagnose and prescribe based on the symptoms that you give as doctors have done for hundreds of years.

I think that working with alternative practitioners at the same time such as acupuncture, reiki, reflexology is excellent. Working at the same time as another homeopath is not possible. You can see another homeopath before at the same time. This will prevent confusion as both homeopaths will not be able to work out what remedies are working, and some remedies are not complementary to each other.

If they were given on the same day then they can be detoxed at the same time. If a vaccine was given a few months before, then that can be detoxed afterwards in reverse order.

If you have any recent tests they we can use that information for our prescriptions and also to measure improvements. You don’t need them to start working with us.


It takes between just 1 and 3 sessions on average. If you are not on steroids then it’s much quicker. If you are heavily reliant on steroids, it’s a gentle gradual process. 

We give you remedies to take in an attack which you can take with your inhalers while you drive to emergency services. The way you deal with an emergency doesn’t change. We expect you to have less attacks, and then no attacks any more. While working with us attacks can be shorter lived and easier and faster to recover from, until you finally have no more of them.

Modern medicine does not have the tools to eradicate asthma, it can only help attacks once they start. Steroids and puffers help but if you stop taking them the problem comes back – it doesn’t heal the problem. Sometimes it pushes it deeper into the body. Homeopathy can actually stop you needing inhalers because we heal the problem at its source and we work WITH the body, not against it. 

Big drugs companies cannot make a patent on homeopathic remedies and therefore cannot change a lot of money and make profit on it, which is why drugs companies are not interested in homeopathic remedies. Doctors only prescribe medicines from drug companies. 

This means you actively have to seek alternative solutions and not rely solely on what doctors offer you if you want to heal for life and not suppress and firefight symptoms.

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HPV- Gardasil and Cervarix Injury New Criteria Guidelines

If you are a Gardasil injured person looking to book in, please read this new criteria first.

As we are the most experienced homeopathic team dealing with this type of case, we have decided to only take on clients who fit the new criteria below. If you do not fit the criteria below then homeopathy can still work for you, but we are not the right therapists for you.

1. The patient has to be committed to healing themselves and understand that they are fully responsible for their health.


That the patient doesn’t rely on us and the pills to do all the work. To understand that their lifestyle choices will speed up or impair recovery and that no medicine can be a substitute for lifestyle choices that hinder recovery. At the end of the day, we are all responsible for ourselves, and the choices we make.

2. To begin working with us the patient has to have in place or commit to having a clean sleep routine.

This means going to sleep with the lights out by 10 pm the latest and being on no devices an hour beforehand. All of our patients have adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues. When you go to bed late or are on devices late, then too much light is being emitted from phones/tablets a few inches from your eyes. That amount of bright light signals the body to make more adrenaline because it thinks it’s in the afternoon and that then creates more cortisol that prevents sleep and makes you tired in the morning. Melatonin and pineal levels are messed up too. Our patients have severely imbalanced hormones, and melatonin, the pineal gland, adrenals and the thyroid all need to be in balance to recover. If your sleep cycle is out, you don’t need pills to correct it – you just need to get a clean sleep routine and your body will get into balance in a couple of days. What you do when you are recovered is up to you – but if you want to work with us, this is a non-negotiable requirement.

3. You are not on the contraceptive pill or are on steroid inhalers.

These are synthetic hormones and are a big block to curing. When someone is on these, we can’t really get started as they are contributing to the hormones being unbalanced. We can work with you if you intend to come off the pill before your prescription starts or if you intend to come off inhalers before we start detoxing. We cannot start detoxing or bring you to a full recovery unless these 2 medicines are out of the picture. We can help with period pain, and asthma anyway in the prescriptions. If you are fully reliant on these medicines then we are not the therapists for you.

4. You have a good diet and eat vegetables.

What you eat affects your health. A lot of the imbalance in the body centres in the stomach. This doesn’t mean you have stomach pains – but your microbiome is key to healing. We are looking for patients who eat some vegetables and fruits. We cannot work with patients who just eat processed food and no fruits and vegetables at all. We can work with patients who have a limited diet but are committed to eating a wider variety of healthy foods. If you don’t meet this criteria it will take too long to help you fully recover and we will only get halfway.

5. If you are on prescribed medicines it is your wish and intention to get off them.

Some patients want to stay on medication while asking us to fully heal them. All medicines come with side effects, which we can’t heal while the patient is on them, therefore we are being asked to do an impossible task. Of course, we see many patients on meds and they end up reducing their dosage and not needing them. They actively don’t want to be on them. If you are happy with any medicines and want to stay on them, then we are not the therapists for you. We are interested in working with people who want to be fully and holistically well, and only then can we work to the best of our ability.


If you fulfil this criteria then we are confident that we can heal the majority of patients in 1-3 sessions.